Keeping It Real

Today, we hit a milestone that I thought I had at least 5 more years to come to pass.

Jackson had the phone and was pretending to call people. I asked who he wanted to call. He said, “I want to call my real mom.”

Yeah… I said, “I’m real.” And he said, “I mean, S.”

Yeah… I told him that I am real, not fake or pretend. That S is his birthmother and that we’re both his real mothers.

He said that, because he didn’t come out of my tummy, I wasn’t his real mom.

I asked him where he learned this.

He said, “I figured it out by myself.”

I doubt that, actually. We don’t tell him that babies are in tummies, for one thing. I try to use the correct terminology, or just go with “inside”. (Until 5th grade, I honestly thought babies grew in a mom’s stomach and popped out, like in the movie Alien. So, I try to be a little more correct.)

I don’t plan to make a big deal of it. I just thought I had awhile before I heard anything resembling, “You’re not my real mom.”

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