Conversations with Jackson

And So It Begins….

Yesterday afternoon, Jackson was watching clips of Glee on YouTube, Cassie was in her Exersaucer, and I was doing dishes. When I finished, I scooped Cassie up and went behind Jackson to watch the current clip.

Cassie: reaches out and tugs Jackson’s hair

Jackson: (surprised, turns around) Ow! (gives Cassie the stink eye)

Cassie: laughs

Jackson: goes back to watching the clip

Cassie: reaches out and pulls Jackson’s hair

Jackson: (turns around) Ow! (gives Cassie the stinkier stink eye)

Cassie: laughs

Me: She thinks it’s funny.

Jackson: (rubbing his head) I kind of do too.

Me: Should I let her do it again?

Jackson: NO.


Space Dust

Reading a book about space, in which we are told that planets’ rings are made of gas and dust.

Jackson: Daddy can’t go to Saturn, because he’s allergic to dust!

Me: That’s why Daddy can’t go to Saturn?

Jackson: Well, and it’s really far away.

(Please note: Jackson pronounces Saturn with three syllables – Sat-er-ren. It’s adorable.)


The Meaning of Hypoallergenic

Jackson comes out of bed with a bug bite. I put cream on it, tuck him back in.

Me: OK Jackson, now, don’t let the bed bugs bite you again.

Jackson: This isn’t a bed bug bite. (pause) Where do bed bugs live?

Me: They live where people never clean, like nasty hotels.

Jackson: (wide-eyed) I hardly ever clean my room.

Me: They can’t live in your bed.

Jackson: Why not?

Me: It’s foam and it’s hypoallergenic.

Jackson: That means bugs don’t like them?

Me: Yes. (God will strike me down for lying.)

Jackson: Whew! (complete with forehead swipe)


2 thoughts on “Conversations with Jackson

  1. Cute stuff! I just have to say that Owen also did the 3 syllable “Sat-er-en” and also “pat-er-en” for pattern. I agree it’s adorable!!P

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