Daily Post: What Would You Tell Yourself 10 Years Ago?

Robyn and Max, March 2000

March 2000

Because I have no shortage of blog topics, I haven’t been doing the Daily Post prompts. However, today’s was a really good one:

If you could go back in time and have a 5 minute conversation with yourself ten years ago, what would you say?

That would put me at February 13, 2000. I was 25 and living with Max at the townhouse in New Hampshire. I had just started Weight Watchers. I was happily working for DocTools.

Setting aside the fact that I would have to somehow convince myself that I was myself from the future in less than 4 minutes, I’d say:

  1. Don’t go to DC for New Year’s in 2003.
  2. Be very, very careful when getting out of your car in January 2003.
  3. Hire a videographer for your wedding.
  4. Invite who ever you want to your wedding, cost be damned! It’s not worth the regret.

I think that New Year’s in DC is what started my knee hurting very badly. I was having an awful time from New Year’s through the day before I stepped out of my car, twisted my knee, and ended up with CRPS. There’s really not a lot I would go back and change, for fear of polluting the time stream. But I would avoid CRPS at just about any cost.

As for the next two, I’m sure they seem rather petty. But I do have some regrets surrounding our wedding. One is that we kept the guest list down by not inviting “and guest” or all of our co-workers. I really wish we had just invited everyone we wanted to and dealt with it, rather than hurting people’s feelings. I also want a video of our wedding ceremony because my Grandpa spoke, and I sang to Max, and now I don’t have those moments to show anyone, especially my kids. My Grandpa died in 2005, and I don’t have any video of him.

Looking back, those were the biggest issues of the early 2000s – my health and our wedding. I could have told myself not to spend so much money, but that wouldn’t have worked out anyway. And besides, if I hadn’t had CRPS, we would have had a lot more money to spend. Really, avoiding CRPS would be my first priority, and making sure my “big day” was 100% happy would be my second.

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