The WordPress  post of the day for August 24, 2011:

Have you been to where your parents were born? What was it like? If you haven’t been, describe how you imagine it to be.

My mom was born in Pittsburgh, PA, as was my grandfather. My grandfather attended Carnegie Institute of Technology. Someone told me that one of his prouder moments was when I went to Carnegie Mellon University. At CMU, I had the opportunity to see where my grandfather grew up, in Homewood and where my mom and her siblings grew up, including their house, in Point Breeze. I actually attended the church they attended, St. Bede’s. My mom went to the attached school. One summer, my friend Ken was in a show that was performed in a chapel. I was surprised to find out that the building had been Ursuline Academy, where my mother went to high school. CMU was only a few blocks away from Central Catholic High School, where my grandfather was MVP of the football team.

My father was born in New Jersey and lived in Massachusetts before moving to Martinez, CA. His stepfather built the house his family lived in. Sadly, it was sold after my grandmother died, but I know exactly where it is. My dad attended Alhambra High School, and I played basketball in their gym in junior high.

I feel very fortunate to have spent so much time in places that are so tied to my family. When I was going through old pictures, I found many pictures of my grandfather on the Carnegie Tech campus. I loved that! My grandfather is one of my very favorite people, and I miss him terribly. I’m glad to be connected to him through a common place.


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