Kellie (or, How I Spent June 13)

  • Jun. 25th, 2007 at 10:11 PM

Aside from the pink pictures, life is acceptable. I had a WONDERFUL week 2 weeks ago. 
My friend Kellie came to visit!
Kellie is the Earth Mother. If I believed in Goddesses, she would be one. Sometimes I call her one anyway. Kellie lives in New Jersey, and before that she lived in New York. We used to live in New Hampshire, as most of you all know. Well, during that 6 years, we saw Kellie only 4 times – once in Sept. 1998, once in summer 1999, her wedding in 2001, and our wedding in 2002. We were in NY twice more (2003 for mollyx and jayspec‘s nuptials, and 2005 for Pete & Nina’s) but we did not get to see Kellie.
Kellie’s mom died last year of an aneurysm. She was in her early 50s. It was, to say the least, a shock. Because Kellie is the most together, most reliable, most insanely helpful person on the planet (now that Mother Theresa is dead), she stepped in to take care of a lot of the details. After a year of that, she decided that she was going to have some fun!
Kellie decided that she was going to every Police concert she could possibly justify seeing. I never knew this before, but she is a HUGE fan of Stewart Copeland, the drummer. She emailed me and asked if I liked the Police. Well, yes, but I’m not a huge fan, I replied. Then she emailed, Because they’re going to be in your area the week of June 13, and that’s when I’d like to come and visit, if that’s OK with you. And the concert will be my treat.
Who can say no to any of that? 
So, we arranged for Kellie to come and visit. Then, Kellie came down with whooping cough, and was concerned she might infect Jack. I said, If he gets it now, he’s immune, so no big deal. But seriously, the doctor says it’s only contagious if you’re not on antibiotics and you’re still coughing. (The doctor also said that he would tell Kellie to come another week, but I was not about to do that!) She wasn’t still coughing. Great! (Whooping cough would present itself in 7-10 days, so we’re thinking we’re OK on that front.)
I’ll spare you the minutiae of how harmonious everything feels when Kellie’s around, and just go straight to the Police concert.
June 13, Oakland Coliseum (McAfee? blech). It took us almost an hour to get from the highway exit to the parking lot. Thanks to my knee, we had a handicapped placard and got a great space, though it was hard to maneuver into. Inside the stadium, people were packed in – I now understood why sometimes people die at soccer matches. I had a brief flare of anxiety. I went to find our seats. We were on the first tier, on what would be the 3rd baseline if the A’s were playing. 27th row. Not bad. Kellie came back from the bathroom (insane line!) and I went out to use it and to find cotton candy. I was craving the sugar. The women’s room line was 3 layers deep, so I went over to the men’s room. There was a group of ladies in line and one guy said, “Go up there with them. There’s safety in numbers.” So I did. The ladies were very nice to me, and we talked about how old we all felt. 
Out of the bathroom, lickety-split, I had to go halfway around the stadium to find cotton candy. But when I did, I also found fresh-squeezed lemonade! Woo hoo! As I was nearing our section, some funk music started and I thought that the next opening band was on. Actually, it was the intro music for the Police. I made it to our seats just in time! 
The guys looked about 6 inches tall from where we were sitting, so I spent most of the time looking at the huge screens. Although, I did try to check out the drummer every so often. I could see where Kellie’s appeal might come from. Plus, I never noticed this, but drummers are constantly moving. So that guy was in great shape! He had good hair too. Silvery. 
I figured that this was the closest I would ever get to Sting. 
I had never been a huge fan of the Police. But it was amazing to me how many of their songs I knew. The only disappointment was “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” which is one of my favorites. I guess Sting transposed it down or something, so the chorus was all mushy. The sound was bouncing all around too. I’ve never been to a stadium show before, so I don’t know if that’s just the way it is, or if the sound was being done by tone-deaf monkeys that night. 
I’ve always hated the song “Roxanne” so I really didn’t care for the 12 minute extended version. Ah well.
The worst part of the night – right in front of us was an incongruous couple. The woman was model-tall, blonde, good-looking. The guy could have been my height, with funky hair. Not much to look at. All night long, he was groping the blonde, who I believe was his wife. They stood and danced the whole night. I can’t fault them, but my knee was not happy standing for so long. Fortunately, the people next to us left (I think to see if they could get down to the field?) and I sat there for awhile. Every couple of minutes, the guy would grab his wife’s ass, dip her and kiss her, or just plain shove his tongue down her throat. Get a room people!
The best part of the night was that I didn’t think about Jack (or Max) at all. No offense meant to my guys, but it was great to be single for one night! 
The band did 4 encores – and we clapped and shouted for several minutes to get each one. Sting looked like he was pissed off. Kellie said he left the stage before anyone else did at the very end. Sting also looked pissed off when the audience would sing and he didn’t expressly tell them to do so. Most of the time, though, the guys looked like they were having a great time. 
It was totally worth the hour that it took us to get out of the parking lot. And it was all Kellie’s treat too. I have to come up with something wonderful to send her.
Kellie also created the Oligarchy of the Flag. She and her husband created a green flag with the drummer’s logo on it, so that when she got to the airport in Vancouver (for concerts 2 & 3, I think) her ride would know her. Well, now the flag is traveling all over the US & Europe, being signed by Stewart Copeland’s fans. They’re hoping to present it to him at the end of the dates. Someone in the group is the owner of the Stewart Copeland web site and so knows Stewart and will give him the flag. I think that’s awesome! I’m glad that Kellie is finally having some fun (whooping cough aside). If anyone deserves it, it’s her.

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Jun. 28th, 2007 02:29 am (UTC)Hang on a sec!HEY! Can I please get it on record that I did NOT time my visit around a Police concert?!? The timing was serendipitous, yes, but purely coincidental to my visiting dates (which were based on hubby’s business trip).

Much as I would LOVE to admit to such a self-serving fault, I’m afraid I just can’t do so. It’s bad enough you’re up there being all nice about me in public, but now you make me come over here and defend my honor — an honor which I have worked so very hard to destroy!



PS — Sting was a total diva toward the end there. But I’m glad you had a good time overall. My love to The Boys.

Jun. 28th, 2007 05:44 am (UTC)Re: Hang on a sec!That’s right – Kellie had absolutely nothing to do with it… But it is possible that her husband, knowing Kellie would love an excuse to see the Police in CA, timed his “business” trip accordingly. I wouldn’t put it past him.

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