Jackson turned seven today. It hardly seems possible. I have to update his page and add some new pictures. He’s lost 4 teeth so far and has an adorable toothless grin that says, “I’m no baby, I’m a big kid!”

He’s not having a birthday party. We gave him the option of a birthday party, doing something special with one friend, or giving him some money for a little shopping spree. He chose the money. He’s not sure where he’s going to spend it yet. I imagine Legos will be bought.

Grandma Sandy made him a rainbow blanket, which he asked for some time ago. It arrived today. When he opened it, he lit up and said, “My rainbow blanket that I’ve been wanting!” He says it’s cozy.

S’s mom called, and we talked to her just before we had cake (chocolate, with blue frosting, which I made without incident).

Here is our birthday boy with his new blanket!

Jackson smiling and holding a rainbow blanket


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