Party Politics: Toddler Edition

No, this isn’t a post about the Republicans holding their breaths ’til they get their way.

This is a post about Cassie’s 2nd Birthday Party. (And with two exceptions, all names are fake to maintain privacy.)

After last year’s extravaganza, I said that, next year (meaning this year), instead of having a party, I would invite my friend Shaina’s family and my friend Kelly’s family to Fairyland or something. But in the intervening year, Cassie went and made more friends. She has two friends, in particular, whom she likes to see. So I thought, OK, we’ll add “The Cleavers” and “The Taylors” and go to Small World Park or something like that.

But once I added those families, I thought, I’d really like to add “The Huxtables”, and I’ve wanted to get to know “The Waltons” better… Oh, and how could I forget about “The Addams Family” and “The Lanes”? If we’re inviting “The Lanes,” I thought, then we should invite “The Winslows.” Max noted that “The Jeffersons” might be hurt if they didn’t get an invitation. Which made me think that “The Keatons” would definitely be offended if we didn’t invite them, and the only time we really get to see “The Arnolds” is at birthday parties.ย 

At that rate, we were going to be inviting 100 people again. While I don’t mind that, exactly, as I love throwing parties, I do remember from last year that I just couldn’t visit with everyone the way I wanted to. And yeah, it does get expensive.

I finally decided that the litmus test would be: Does the family have a child who is a bona fide friend of Cassie’s?

I only invited two exceptions: “The Jeffersons,” whose only son is one of Jackson’s best friends, and “The Arnolds” because we’ve been friends since high school.

All in all, 12 families, which for me, is a small party. And I still feel guilty for not inviting some people.

It’s going to be Doc McStuffins themed. I am so psyched for it!

I’m a little insane, I guess.

7 thoughts on “Party Politics: Toddler Edition

  1. Birthday party invites have been one of the challenges of parenting!!!! I never want anyone to feel left out, but where do you draw the line? Ian ended up with some ridiculously big parties when he was younger. I’m impressed you were able to find a happy medium!

    • In some ways, it’s better when the place you’re having the party sets the limit, because then you can say, “Well, we could only invite X children.” Parents get that. I get that. There have been a couple of times Jackson hasn’t been invited to a party, and he’s old enough to be hurt by that, although I do try to remind him that no one can invite everyone.

  2. The truth of the matter is no matter how old we get- our feelings still can be hurt when we are not invited. You applied good logic and I’m sure the others will understand. Sounds like its going to be a blast! ๐Ÿ™‚

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