Cassie Is Two!

It really doesn’t seem possible, but this tiny baby:

Cassie Less Than 1 Day Old

Cassie Less Than 1 Day Old

Is now this adorable toddler:

Cassie with her bear and bee

Cassie is Two!

When I asked her to pose for the photo, she actually complied. Then, I pointed the camera at her and said, “Say Birthday!” and she did! This was the first take.

She’s reached all of her 2-year old milestones. Apparently, she’s also working on some 3-year old milestones, specifically the cognitive ones. Some highlights:

  • She can kick a ball. In fact, she can kick a ball while running. She really wants to play soccer. Due to her birthday, though, she won’t be able to play until 2016. (You have to be 4 by the time the season starts in August.)
  • She loves to dump out the blocks and build “showers.” She will then topple them, sometimes saying, “Aw man!”
  • She loves to draw! We can’t let her have markers, because she’ll bite the tips off, but she finds crayons, pencils, and regular pens to color with. She’s actually pretty good about coloring only on paper.
  • I’ve lost count of how many words she has. She repeats words we use (like “dammit”, sigh) and words from her shows. She can quote the “Ben/Anna Split” and “That’s Clawful” episodes of Doc McStuffins too.
  • She is starting to use simple sentences, especially “I’ll do it!”
  • She can follow one-step instructions. Whether or not she does depends far more on her mood than on her understanding.
  • She’s beginning to understand color more. She still only correctly recognizes yellow and green, though. She can name and sign all of the major colors (including pink), but doesn’t seem to understand the question, “What color is that?”
  • We’ve started to sort her blocks. She has two sets, each of which has a lid with shapes. You put the blocks through the shapes on the top. She knows “triangle” pretty well. She can actually put the blocks through the right shapes most of the time, too, after only doing it once or twice.
  • She can count to 11. Then she goes from 11 to 14. Theoretically, she could count to 15, because that’s how  many stairs we have, and we count them almost every time we go up or down.
  • She’s working on the difference between “yours” and “mine.” She’s not quite getting that what’s mine is mine when I say it, but what’s mine is yours when she says it. In any case, she very much likes the word, “mine.”
  • She understands the concept of taking turns, and even goes with it most of the time.  Thank you Signing Time!
  • She’s definitely asserting her independence, often to the point of being defiant. She likes to run away. She wants to do her own thing. She wants what she wants.
  • She likes to put on some of the dress up sometimes too.
  • She’s started to play pretend – pretending she’s a cat or a dog, specifically.

She’s finally starting to like books! I mean, as more than appetizers. We’ve been reading more. Her favorites are Shades of Black (which she can quote), Look at the Baby, Busy Toes, and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

She doesn’t say “please” but she will sign it.

Oh, and I should tell you her stats: She’s 31 pounds and 34.9 inches. For the past few weeks, all she’s wanted to eat are cheese and yogurt. Pizza and mac and cheese are about as complex as she gets. I’m hoping it’s just a phase. Today, I had to bribe her to eat fruit by not giving her any cheese until she ate some fruit. (Her tummy definitely needed it.)

We’ve started watching the Potty Time DVD, and she’s starting to show a tiny bit of interest in the toilet. However, I don’t see her toilet training any time soon.

We have now watched The Princess and the Frog and The Little Mermaid. She loves all of the princesses! She can say and recognize some of them: “Nah-nah” (Tiana), “Ahriel”(Ariel), “Pencil” (Rapunzel), “Bella” (Cinderella), “Belle” (Belle), “Roara” (Aurora), and “Carpet” (Snow White). She calls Snow White “Carpet” – we think – because I have a bunch of Scarlett O’Hara ornaments on display. She calls Scarlett “Carpet” and Snow White looks like Scarlett.

Her favorite shows are “Lambie” – Doc McStuffins – and “Tiger” – Daniel Tiger. I vastly prefer the former. We have also introduced her to “Ponies” – My  Little Pony. Jackson has taken to watching Fetch!, a PBS game show, which Cassie just calls “show.”

Her favorite toys are her blocks, her Fisher Price garage and its cars, Lambie, Meme, Daniel Tiger, the shopping cart, and the doll stroller. She also loves all of her babies and playing in her play kitchen, which is in baby jail.

She can also open almost any container, including child-proof medicine bottles. She’s done that at least 3 times, so it wasn’t just a fluke.

She starts preschool next week, at the same school Jackson attended. She’s only going 3 days per week to start. I will be working a freelance gig from mid-November ’til Christmas, then looking for something permanent next year. So, if you know anybody who needs an exceptional writer, send them my way!

I think that’s about it… 800+ words about my baby girl who’s not so much a baby anymore. Where does the time go?

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