Five Months

So much time has gone by so fast, and though he may still seem like a
little baby to y’all, to us he’s growing to be such a big boy! Jack is 12
lbs. 6 oz. and is cuter and cuter everyday. He’s also crankier and
crankier — not taking naps will do that to a baby (and to his parents).
We’re working on that, so please pray to the deity of your choice that
Jack will sleep and be more like his happy go lucky self more often.

Other than the not napping thing, Jack is great! He’s very sharp and
observant. He’s learning to be gentle with Sassy (when Sassy will come
near him). He’s eating applesauce (sometimes mixed with oatmeal cereal)
and learning to drink water from a sippy cup.

Jack is Five Months Old!

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