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Jackson had all of Thanksgiving week off as break. Some moms and I were talking on the Thursday before the break. They were all looking forward to it. I believe the word “Woo hoo!” was used by all. Except me. I said, “Am I the only one dreading this break?” Apparently, I was. One mom … Continue reading


In my Open Adoption Roundtable #41 post, I wrote: I realized that for the last several months, I’ve felt so disconnected from people. I started to make friends with the ACA II crowd in the spring, but I’ve barely seen anyone this fall. I’ve barely seen Jackson’s best friend’s mom, whom I consider a good … Continue reading


“No one likes change except a wet baby.” ~Mark Twain Since January 2005, Max has worked from home. He has occasionally needed to go somewhere to work for a day here or there, but spent most of his time at home. Heck, we even built a home office last year. We expected him to stay … Continue reading

I Miss the Quiet

My wonderful cousins have had the kids this weekend so Max and I could celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We didn’t go anywhere. We stayed home, had meals together, saw The Dark Knight Rises, you know, had adult time. I do miss the children. It was hard not reading Jackson stories or cuddling with Cassie … Continue reading


We’ve started off summer break by being sick. Max got a cold and a wicked sore throat last Monday. I started getting the sore throat on Friday. On Saturday, I hid in bed because my throat hurt so much. When I looked in the mirror, the right side of my neck had one more chin … Continue reading

And So It Begins…

Cassie is three weeks old today! People keep asking me what it’s like to have two kids. I’ve really had two kids for just a few days now. We came home Wednesday night. My mother-in-law was here until Saturday morning. We’ve only had two days of school routine thus far. So far, Jackson has been … Continue reading

Latest News from the Chittister Household

The latest news is, the Chittister household is very messy! Many of my friends and family have been requesting add-on pictures, and I will post some this weekend. We now have a room with wooden walls, and our dining room has an L-shape cut out of the ceiling. Firefly figured out how to get in … Continue reading