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The Total Apathy of Strangers

We take a break from adoption-related posts to bring you a pity party/rant about society. But first, a cute story. On Friday, Cassie and I were watching Sesame Street (aka “Elmo” or “Shtreet” as Cassie says). For some reason, Cookie Monster presented “A Streetcar Named Monster” in which Grover can’t find his keys. He must yell … Continue reading


Max walked behind me and saw the title of tomorrow’s blog post. Max: “Are Birthmother Expenses Necessary?” (pause) Yes. (pause) Shortest blog post ever.  

My Connection to Spock

I thought I had written this story on my old LiveJournal blog, but I can’t find it. Seeing as how Star Trek: Into Darkness came out last week, and Max and I are going to see it this week, I thought it might be a timely story. While at CMU, I was a Computing Skills … Continue reading

Preserved for Posterity

(I’m converting our domain,, into our professional web site and moving all personal content to this blog. Eventually, I’ll have to figure out what to do with it and how to organize it. Until then, I’m just creating a series of posts with the .net content.) Is it too much to ask that Jack … Continue reading

Fashion Shows and Puns

Last summer, I introduced Jack to the concept of a fashion show. He’d dress up and parade around the living room, while I talked about him and took pictures. This year, we extended the concept to his dolls. We have a lot of doll clothes from my parents’ house, and Jack is learning how to … Continue reading

Cute Jack Stories

(originally posted on LiveJournal) I’m not sure where it came from, but Max and I decided that Simba (from The Lion King) goes “wiggle wiggle pounce!”. We have taught Jack that, starting when he was just a wee small baby. We extended that to all cats, ferrets, and occasionally other animals as well. Last night, Dino … Continue reading

My Job and Another Jack Funny

(originally posted on LiveJournal) Jack funny first. Jack was in his car, driving to work. He said, “I’m the Mommy, so I’m going to work… My manager is selfish and mean.” I love my son. I hate my job. I’ve been up til about 2 am most nights working. All of our products are released … Continue reading

Jack’s First Pun

(originally published on LiveJournal) We’re playing Incredibles (with Jack dressed in his Incredibles pjs) and Max is Mr. Incredible. We went to my office to fight the Omni Droid. Mr. Incredible says, “Where is something I can punch?” Without missing a beat, Jack goes to the craft table, picks up my dragonfly shape maker and … Continue reading


Jack and Max went to the pet store to get cat food one day. They didn’t come home with cat food – not in the traditional sense. They came home with a fish. Apparently, Jack asked like this: I want this one. I really really really love him. He’s my very very very very best … Continue reading

Skippyjon Jones

Tonight, Jack called me from his bed, “Mama” (he hardly ever calls me “Mama” anymore, usually “Mommy” and sometimes “Mom”, but I digress).  I went in. He asked me to get him his pillow, which had fallen on the ground. He then asked me to get “Skippyjon Jones’s dog.”  I was confused, so I felt … Continue reading