Why in the World? and Other Blog Posts

I know I’ve done this a lot lately: direct you to other blogs. I have so many articles written in my head, but getting them typed out… that’s a different matter entirely. (59 days before we leave California.)

The No Bohns About It post, Why in the World Does the Race or Ethnicity of a Foster Child Matter?, is probably one of the best posts I’ve ever read about race and adoption. It’s focused, direct, and brief. I highly recommend it.

While I’m recommending other blog posts, I wrote a couple of good ones for adoption.com in April and May.

Finally, a random picture of my Smores Frappuccino. I love Frappy Hours!

Smores Frappuccino


One thought on “Why in the World? and Other Blog Posts

  1. Yeah, it’s a good article. Sad it even needs to be said. As if kids in foster care are just lucky to get anybody and the whole process should ignore part of the kids’ identities.

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