The Blogs I Read

On one post, one of the commenters mentioned my blog roll. Not all of the blogs that I read are listed there. About two years ago, I overhauled the blog. Before that, I did list all of the blogs I read in the Blog Roll, making it ridiculously long. When I chose the blogs to put there, I thought about my blog’s audience.

Who is likely to read my blog?

  • My friends and family
  • Prospective adoptive parents
  • Other people who have been touched by adoption

Other people touched by adoption are already going to have their favorite adoption blogs. Therefore, I wanted to create a Blog Roll for the others – my friends and family and prospective adoptive parents. I thought to myself, which blogs do I think are the best introductions to adoption? Those are the ones I chose to list in the Blog Roll.

I actually subscribe to and try to read an insane number of blogs – 128 according to Google Reader. I’m actually trying to add more too – more adoptee blogs, specifically. I even read blogs that are *gasp* not about adoption. It’s true. There are such things.

Before I get on with which blogs I read, I will tell you which blogs I do not read.

  • I do not read blogs in which adoptive parents are called “adopters,” “kidnappers,” or various other insulting names. I don’t need more anger in my life.
  • I do not read blogs if the author cannot spell, capitalize words, or use punctuation properly. I’m a technical writer. Grammatical mistakes upset me. There’s actually a very well known and liked birthmother blog that I don’t read because the spelling and punctuation drive me batty.
  • I do not read blogs that consistently disrespect others in the adoption triad. Everyone disrespects some people sometimes, but to do so consistently… no.

Now, without further ado, a list of blogs that Robyn reads:

  • $5 Dinners: Not an adoption blog. It’s a cooking blog!
  • Adam Pertman: Adoption professional blog. Adam Pertman is the director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. His articles are always insightful.
  • Adopted, the Comic: Adoptee blog. Adopted, the comic is written and drawn by two Vietnamese adoptees. However, it hasn’t been drawn in a long, long time.
  • Adoption & Foster Care, My Personal Experiences: Adoptive/foster family blog. Relatively recent find.
  • Adoption Creates Families: Adoptive family blog. This was one of Adoptive Families top blogs awhile ago. This is another of my favorite blogs.
  • Adoption Do: Adoptive family blog. I began reading this blog because I knew the situation from which the family adopted their daughter. That is, the agency posted a situation online, and I actually considered submitting our profile for it, but didn’t. When I stumbled upon this blog, I saw that they had adopted their daughter from the situation, so I subscribed. There hasn’t been a lot of activity this year.
  • Adoption Goddess: Adoptive family blog. Subtitled, “the adoptive mother’s empowerment circle.”
  • Adoption Mosaic: Adoption blog. This hasn’t been active since July 2011, however, there are some very interesting posts.
  • Adoption Pi: Foster/adoptive family blog. A recent addition to the list.
  • Adoption, Share the Love: Birthmother blog, technically. However, the blog is really different adoption stories from various people who have been touched by adoption.
  • Adoption Talk: Adoptive family blog, technically. However, the author talks about just about everything that is adoption-related. One of my favorite blogs, and a blog that is consistently a favorite of other entities, such as Adoptive Families magazine. A must-read.
  • Adoptive Legacy: Foster/adoptive family blog. I recently started reading this one.
  • The Adoptive Mommy Diaries: Adoptive mom blog. Transracial adoption makes this family multiracial. One of my favorites.
  • And other ideas and thoughts…: Adoptee blog. I just started reading this.
  • Another Version of Mother: Birthmother blog.
  • Baby Darling: Birthfather blog. Benjamin ended the blog in February 2012, but the existing posts are insightful.
  • Baby Dust Diaries: Not an adoption blog. Parenting blog.
  • Be Bold or Go Home: Adoptive family blog. International transracial adoption.
  • A Birth Project: Adoptee blog. Not much activity there, though.
  • BirthMom Buds Blog: Birthmothers’ blog. BirthMom Buds is an excellent organization that supports women who have placed children and expectant moms who are considering placing.
  • A Birthmother Voice: Birthmother blog. Kelsey wrote an excellent children’s book about adoption. Her blog is one of my favorites.
  • Birthmothers For Adoption: Birthmother blog. I have to say, recently this blog has been very sugary sweet. It wasn’t always so. Yes, it has always been supportive of adoption, but it seems to me there were more posts about the difficulties, ethics, and so on.
  • Blended: Adoptive family blog. Transracial adoption.
  • Cake Wrecks: Not an adoption blog. Humorous cooking blog. Very, very funny. Except on Sundays.
  • Carrying a Cat by the Tail: Birthmother blog. One of my favorites.
  • Chemical of the Day: Not an adoption blog. Sort of a science and parenting blog. Sporadically provides information about chemicals found in everyday items.
  • ChildMyths: Not an adoption blog. Parenting blog that often talks about adoption.
  • Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care: Adoptive family blog with a twist. (That’s a pun.) This blog discusses natural hair care for white parents of brown children.
  • Choosing Love, An Adoption Story: Birthmother blog.
  • The Chronicles of Munchkinland: First mother blog. I believe this was one of the first birth/first mother blogs. It’s certainly my favorite of them all, and one of my top five favorites. If you are not reading this blog, you should be, even if you don’t think you need to know anything about adoption.
  • Clients From Hell: Not an adoption blog. Freelancing blog. It’s friggin’ hilarious, especially if you’re a writer or designer.
  • Creating a Family: Adoption blog. One of my favorites. Highly informative!
  • The Declassified Adoptee: Adoptee blog. The first adoptee blog that I found and followed, actually. One of my favorites.
  • Dollars and Deadlines: Not an adoption blog. Writing blog. I should probably read this more often than I do.
  • Earth Stains: Adoptee blog.
  • Ethica, An Independent Voice for Ethical Adoption: Adoption blog. Highlights ethics issues in adoption.
  • Family Ties: Adoptee blog. Dedicated to adoptee rights.
  • Fearless Formula Feeder: Not an adoptee blog. Parenting blog that focuses on formula feeding. Blogs like this make me love the Internet!
  • Foster Parenting Adventures: Foster-adoptive family blog. The mom (and author) is also a clinical psychologist.
  • Four Against Two: Adoptive family blog. International, transracial adoption. The author used to blog at when I blogged there.
  • From Birthmom to Adoptive Mom: Birthmother and adoptive family blog. There are only 4 posts. I hope Kacy goes back to blogging from her unique perspective.
  • From Our Bunch to Yours: Adoptive family blog. International and domestic transracial adoption. Lori was a very active member of two online groups to which I belong. She doesn’t blog much anymore.
  • gDiapers, The Early Years: Not an adoption blog. A fun blog, mostly written by Jason Graham-Nye of gDiapers.
  • Get Rich Slowly: Not an adoption blog. Personal finance blog. To be honest, I don’t read it. I subscribe to it because I should read it.
  • God Will Fill This Nest: Adoptive family blog. I found it during an Open Adoption Roundtable. The couple adopted their son very close to when we adopted Cassie.
  • Goggy Coffee: Adoptive family blog. He is the husband to the author of Adoption Creates Families. He hasn’t blogged in awhile, which is too bad, as he’s a very good writer.
  • The Great Wide Open: Birthmother blog. Very interesting perspective. I found this one through Open Adoption Bloggers.
  • The Happiest Sad: Birthmother blog. One of my favorites.
  • Happy Adoption Story: Prospective adoptive parents blog. I found it via the Open Adoption Roundtable.
  • Healthy Child, Healthy World: Not an adoption blog. Parenting blog, with a focus on natural parenting. I have to admit, I find this blog rather boring, and subscribe to it mostly to keep up with news in the natural parenting world.
  • I Am… What I Eat: Not an adoption blog. A friend’s blog. (Rachel and I were in the same sorority in college. At least, for about a year. I left. Long story.)
  • I Should Really Be Working 2.0: Birthmother blog. This comes highly recommended, but, as of this writing, the author hasn’t posted in 6 months.
  • I Was a Foster Kid: Adult survivor of foster care blog. Very graphic.
  • iGame Mom: Not an adoption blog. An iPhone/iPod/iPad app blog.
  • I’m Still a Good Mother, A Birthmother’s Journey Through Open Adoption: Birthmother blog. Erica is Ashley’s birthmother, and Ashley’s adoptive mother blogs at Love Is Not a Pie.
  • Insert Bad Movie Title Here: Adoptee blog. Blogging about a recent reunion with her first father and mother. Well written and honest.
  • Inside Vaccines: Not an adoption blog. Excellent blog about vaccinations.
  • Instant Mama: Foster family blog.
  • John Raible Online: Adoptee/adoption professional blog. John Raible is a transracial adult adoptee who works to make white parents understand what transracial adoption is and how to do it right.
  • Kusali – to pray: Adoptive mom blog. Amy is a single (almost) adoptive mom to Pray, and they live in Tanzania.
  • Kellie M. Walsh: Not an adoption blog. A good friend’s blog.
  • Land of a Gazillion Adoptees: Adoptees’ blog. Just started reading this one.
  • Last Mom: Foster-adoptive family blog. Another relatively new find.
  • Life Not Black & White: Birth-sibling blog. Another relatively new find. When she was 17, Sheeka found out that she had an older sibling, whom her parents had placed for adoption at birth.
  • Living the Bittersweet Life: Birthmother blog. Coley is the co-founder of BirthMom Buds.
  • Lost Daughters: Adoptees’ blog.
  • Love Is Not a Pie: Adoptee/adoptive parent blog. The author is an adult adoptee and an adoptive parent. Her daughter’s birthmother blogs at I’m Still a Good Mother.
  • Love Isn’t Enough: Not an adoption blog, though adoption is discussed sometimes. LIE is about “raising a family in a colorstruck world.”
  • Mama’s Always On Stage: Not an adoption blog. My fabulous friend Paula’s blog.
  • Margaret Adopts: Foster-adoptive family blog. I found this through Open Adoption Bloggers and subscribed because the mother/author lives in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Melanie Elliott, Mom to the Littlest E: Adoptive family blog. International adoption from Ethiopia. A more recent find.
  • “Mistakes” Becoming Miracles: Birthmother blog. Actually, Joniece is the birthmother of one of the children in another blog I read, the r house.
  • Moses & Muhammed Walk Into a Bar: Adoptee blog. Very interesting perspective, as the author’s birth family is Muslim, but she and her adoptive family are Jewish.
  • Murphy’s Law: Birthfather blog. The author did not know he had a child until 2012.
  • My Adopted Life: Adoptee blog.
  • My Mind on Paper: Adoptee blog. One of my favorites. Very educational.
  • My Three Sons: Adoptive family blog. The author is a contributor to Adoptive Families magazine.
  • Never a Dull Moment: Foster-adoptive family blog.
  • Never Mind the Distance: Prospective foster-adoptive mom blog. The author is adopting from Australia’s foster care system.
  • Never Said Goodbye: Adoptee blog.
  • Not Quite Juno: Birthmother blog. The author no longer blogs, but the posts are still interesting and worth reading.
  • A Nickel’s Worth of Common Sense: Adoptive family blog. Jensboys is a frequent commenter on the forums, which is how I found the blog. It’s also not very active.
  • No Due Date: Prospective adoptive parents’ blog. I found it via the Open Adoption Bloggers and thought it was interesting.
  • The Not So Secret Life of an Adoptee: Adoptee blog.  The author says that her “passion is in my generation of adoptees, young adoptees, African-American and Hispanic adoptees, trans-racial adoptees, and foster kids.”
  • Olive You Forever: Birth-grandmother blog. Sadly, it’s not updated all that often, but it is an interesting perspective.
  • One Sweet Family: Adoptive family blog.
  • Open Adoption Bloggers: An incredibly diverse population of bloggers who are touched by adoption. I’m proud to have been a part of this group since the beginning.
  • Opening Up to Adoption: Adoptive dad blog. There aren’t a lot of adoptive dads who blog, so it’s very sad that this blog has been left untouched for several months. I hope he gets back to it.
  • Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform (PEAR): Adoption organization blog. PEAR is a public charity “dedicated to representing and providing a voice for prospective and adoptive parents.”
  • Parents of Color Seek Newborn to Adopt: Prospective adoptive parents’ blog. One of my favorites, due to the different perspective.
  • Petitexplosion: Birthmother blog. The author is a teenage birthmother who placed her son for adoption in summer 2012.
  • Pink Shoes: Adoptive family blog.
  • Portrait of an Adoption: Adoptive family blog, but there are often guest posts by other people touched by adoption.
  • Production, Not Reproduction: Adoptive family blog. One of my very favorites. Heather, the blog’s author, started the Open Adoption Bloggers.
  • The R House: Adoptive family blog, with other guests. The author is in open adoptions with both of her son’s birthmothers. Her family is currently trying to adopt again, after experiencing a failed match.
  • Rachel Coleman: It’s complicated. You see, I started following Rachel because of Signing Time. Then, she announced on her blog that she is a birthmother. So, I thought I was reading a blog that didn’t have anything to do with adoption. And then it did. Which only goes to show that many people have ties to adoption, even if you don’t know it.
  • Racialicious: Not an adoption blog. A blog about the “intersection of race and pop culture.”
  • Rage Against the Minivan: Adoptive family blog. This blog has a huge following, but I didn’t particularly care for it. I’m giving it a second chance, and liking it more this time around.
  • Raising My Rainbow: Not an adoption blog. The author blogs about her family’s experience with their 5-year old, gender non-conforming son. One of my favorites.
  • Not an adoption blog. A “green” blog.
  • Not an adoption blog. Parenting blog focusing on natural parenting.
  • SafeMama: Not an adoption blog. Parenting blog focusing on natural parenting using natural products. One of my favorites.
  • Science of Mom: Not an adoption blog. Parenting blog with a focus on research. A very new find.
  • Shooting the Breeze: Not an adoption blog. A photography blog by a former co-worker.
  • Sideshow Barb: Birthmother blog.
  • So I Married a Birthmother: Birthmother’s husband’s blog. Very interesting perspective.
  • The Soft Landing: Not an adoption blog. Natural parenting blog focused on products.
  • Statistically Impossible: Birthfather blog. There aren’t a lot of birthfather blogs out there, and this author is quite good. One of my favorites.
  • Stop, Drop, and Blog: Not an adoption blog, although the author is also a first mother and blogs about adoption at The Chronicles of Munchkinland. One of my top five favorite blogs. (I want to be Jenna when I grow up.)
  • The Story of Our Family: Adoptive family blog. I’m not sure how I found this, but I continue to read it.
  • Stretched: Foster-adoptive family and adoptee blog. The author seems to have an incredible story to tell, but she hasn’t been back to tell it recently.
  • Strollerderby: Not an adoption blog. I suppose you could call it a parenting news blog. I found this blog when I first started working again, and I didn’t have a lot to do. It became quite the time sink for awhile.
  • Sunshine Girl on a Rainy Day: Foster care alumna blog. Focuses on advocacy for children and teens in foster care.
  • Not an adoption blog. A friend’s photography blog.
  • They’re All My Own: Adoptive family blog. A relatively new find. I like the author’s tone.
  • this woman’s work: It’s complicated. This used to be an adoptive mom blog, but when she started studying for her MSW, the author took down most of her archives. Now, it’s a blog related more to her work in writing and social work.
  • Thriving Despite Us: Adoptive family blog. I really like the author’s perspective.
  • TTA Baby: Adoptive family blog. The author adopted her daughter fairly recently. She’s a very nice person too.
  • Two Women Blogging: Adoptive family blog. I found this through the Open Adoption Bloggers.
  • “Where’s Baby Lily Mommy?”: An almost-adoptive family blog. The story of an adoption that didn’t happen.
  • Women’s Law Project Blog: Not an adoption blog. A blog about issues and laws that affect women, specifically in Pennsylvania. I don’t know how I came across it, but I like knowing what’s going on in the world of women’s rights.
  • Write Mind Open Heart: Adoptive family blog. The author is thoughtful and a nice person too.
  • Writing My Wrongs: Birthmother blog. A relatively new find.
  • ZRecommends: Not an adoption blog. Children’s product reviews blog.

13 thoughts on “The Blogs I Read

    • I honestly just found you this past weekend, and was very excited to see your blog. I read a lot of posts, including the few about formula feeding and adoption. It’s great that people who can’t/don’t breastfeed have a resource where they’re not made to feel evil.
      Thanks for visiting!

  1. Wow, this is a great list. There are quite a few on here that I’m not familiar with, so off to subscribe on Google Reader. I think I have you beat, though, with 895 subscriptions!

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