livejournal01It’s 11:21pm, and my child is still awake.
Last night, we were able to put Jack down for bed (asleep) by 8pm. Tonight, we tried to put him down at 8:30. Two and one half hours later, he’s still awake. Max has the habit of staying in his room until Jack is asleep or almost asleep. I refuse to do that. He’s been sleeping by himself since he was born, after all. Anyway, Max stayed with him, and then left Jack’s room telling me that he was done. But Jack came out a few moments later and Max went back in. Max came out at some point (I was in the bathroom) and when I left the bathroom Jack was standing in his darkened doorway. I sang him a song and left. He ended up leaving his room, turning the lights on in 3 rooms upstairs, getting his stool out of the bathroom so he could turn on said lights, and pulling out a few books. I just boomed, “NO” and turned all the lights off and shut his door tight, so he couldn’t open it.
Then, he switched his light back on. I turned it off. He switched it back on. I taped it in the off position. I took his lamp out of his room (he has 2 actual night lights). At 10:30, I no longer heard any noise. I went up, and he was sitting in his closet, “reading” my Trixie Belden books.
At that point, I realized that the whole tough love thing had backfired. We played Duplos for 15 minutes and I ended up reading him two stories. Then I determined that he had a wet diaper, so he went to the toilet. He demanded his M&M for peeing, and I told him he could have it in the morning. He freaked out and started crying that he was hungry. I started to lift him back into his bed, and he tried to propel himself out of my arms, thus hitting the wall with great force.
Daddy is up there now because Mommy hurt him.
Most days, I like being a mom. Tonight, not so much.


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