My Connection to Spock

I thought I had written this story on my old LiveJournal blog, but I can’t find it. Seeing as how Star Trek: Into Darkness came out last week, and Max and I are going to see it this week, I thought it might be a timely story.

While at CMU, I was a Computing Skills Workshop instructor. I taught computing skills to incoming freshmen. For two years, I specifically taught all the freshmen Drama students.

One day, I entered the classroom to find the Dramats in a spirited discussion. Someone asked me, “Hey Robyn, doesn’t Zach look like a young Spock?” Indeed, he did. We all decided he should play young Spock someday. Someone even suggested he write to Leonard Nimoy.

Fast forward 12 years… Zachary Quinto is playing Spock in the Star Trek reboot.

True story.

Now, the following story was told to me by my father-in-law, so I have no reason to believe it’s not true.

Clyde (my father-in-law) traveled a lot for business. He lives in Pittsburgh. He often flies first class. He was in first class on a flight back to Pittsburgh circa 2008, when he saw a familiar face. He walked over and tapped the young man on the shoulder. He said, “Excuse me,” and the guy looked up, obviously used to being disturbed and ready to give a stock answer (“Why yes, I am Sylar on Heroes.”), when Clyde finished with, “Did you go to Carnegie Mellon?”

The young man looked startled, and said, “Yes.”

“Thank you,” Clyde replied, and went back to his seat.

A bit later, the young man walked over to Clyde and asked how he knew he went to CMU.

Clyde replied that he worked at the University, “But that’s not all. My daughter-in-law was your CSW teacher.”

And Clyde said that Zach replied, “Robyn is your daughter-in-law?!?”

So, theoretically, Zachary Quinto knows who I am.

If that story is true, it’s one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me, and it didn’t even happen to me.

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