Leap You!

I knew that I had to write a post for Leap Day. When I thought about Leap Day, the phrase, “Leap you!” immediately sprang to mind, and I was back in college again…

In fall of my freshman year, I was in the play Lysistrata. There was one naked woman, about a dozen men with foam phalluses, and about a dozen women in togas. I was The Policewoman, who pretended to be in labor to get out of the Acropolis to go have sex with one of the men.

At some point near the end of the play, a treaty is reached, and in celebration, people say, “Leap!” Two of the freshmen guys, John and Lou, coined the phrase, “Leap you!”

I know its popularity lasted all year. I’m pretty sure it hung around until we all graduated, though it was never as popular as “Happy Deepawali”, also coined by John and Lou, I believe.

I loved college.


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