A Certain Period in 2011

In April 2011, we were matched with an expectant mom. In June 2011, we found out that she had decided not to place her baby for adoption. Totally understandable, yes, but of course, we were disappointed.

We found ourselves not knowing what to do next.

In California, home studies are good for only one year. Ours would expire at the end of September, which was only three months away. It would cost $800 to update it.

Jackson was already 5-1/2. We had wanted our kids to be closer to three years apart.

We had started the process in March 2010. It was June 2011. We had been working towards a second adoption for more than one year, and actively waiting for nine months.

If we waited another year, Jackson would be 6-1/2. That age distance just seemed like too much.

We hadn’t been able to find an agency that met our specifications, other than Nightlight Christian Adoptions. We had signed with several referral services, but most situations were outside of our budget, gender unknown, or both. Those that involved girls and that were in our budget, we weren’t chosen for. I think our profile was shown about 12 times in nine months. That’s not a lot.

So, we made the decision that we weren’t going to update our home study. After it expired in September, that was it. We would be done. If we weren’t matched by the time our home study expired, we would never be a “four family.” We would never have a daughter.

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