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I Used To Sing

For Christmas, Max got me this Super USB Cassette Capture do-hickey. It’s basically a Walkman that connects to my computer via USB, and it allows me to convert cassette tapes to digital music files. This weekend, I used it to convert all of my vocal warmups, accompaniment, and vocals from voice lessons to MP3. My … Continue reading

Another Anniversary: 10 Years of CRPS

Towards the end of last year, I realized that 2013 marked another anniversary for me: 10 years of pain. I knew I had hurt my knee for good in January, but I had to look up the exact date. It was January 17, 2003. Three years to the day before Jackson was born. Obviously, I … Continue reading

10 Really Bad Reasons to Keep Your Baby

I often read the blog The No So Secret Life of an Adoptee. I find it interesting and educational. However, a recent post really had me shaking my head: 10 Reasons You Should Keep Your Baby. Her items are the numbered ones. My responses appear below each item. 1. Your baby will love you no … Continue reading

Jesus and Food Stamps

A Facebook friend and fellow ACA II mom posted this on Facebook:     Several people, including two from ACA II, “liked” the post. I couldn’t resist. I posted, “Just so you know, my family was on food stamps last year.” with a link to my blog post. Here’s what followed: JZ: I know a lot … Continue reading

Adoptive Parents Were Once Expectant Parents Too

I’m not even sure how it began. I just know that there was a Facebook post to an adoption group. One of the prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) said that her friend didn’t consider her to be “expecting” because she was adopting. A birthmother, who writes a well-known and respected blog, took issue with adoptive parents … Continue reading

80% of Open Adoptions Close… Or Not

I’ve seen the following statistic thrown around: 80% of open adoptions close within X years. Sometimes it’s one year, sometimes three. I wondered, where are they getting this information? Statistics in adoption aren’t really kept. The Evan B. Donaldson Institute just completed a major research study about adoption, maybe it’s there. Nope. According to them, … Continue reading

How To Surprise a Collection Agency

In my last post, I ended with When Max started working again, I told DCU we could pay $X. They wanted $4X. I said no. They kicked us to a collection agency. The collection agency called. The guy introduced himself. I sighed. “Hi.” He told me that DCU would settle the debt for a large … Continue reading

I Now Like Fannie Mae More than DCU

When I began working for Oracle in 1999, I became a member of Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU). Max already was, as he had started working for Oracle in 1998. When we got married, we merged our accounts. For 12 years, we were members in good standing. We had paid off two car loans through … Continue reading

Applying for State Benefits

California has a web site through which you can apply for benefits, including Cal Fresh (Food Stamps) and Medi-Cal. At least, you can sort of apply. You put in all of your information, and then a person calls you and tells you to go to your local social services office on such-and-such a day.* You … Continue reading