How To Surprise a Collection Agency

In my last post, I ended with

When Max started working again, I told DCU we could pay $X. They wanted $4X. I said no. They kicked us to a collection agency.

The collection agency called.

The guy introduced himself.

I sighed. “Hi.”

He told me that DCU would settle the debt for a large sum of money that wasn’t quite the actual debt, but close.

I laughed.

He asked if we could set up a payment plan.

I said, “Sure.”

The guy sputtered. He obviously didn’t expect me to say that.

Before he could recover, I said, “We told DCU we could pay them $X per month, but they thought that was too little. We can pay you $X per month.”

He said, “That’s fine. We can take a debit card over the phone.”

I said, “OK.” I gave him the information.

The guy actually said to me, “It’s been a pleasure talking with you today.”

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t get to say that very often.

Seriously, he was a perfectly nice guy. I know we owe this money, and I’m not trying to get out of that. DCU didn’t like what we could pay, but the collection agency seems perfectly happy with it. We haven’t received another call from them. The guy said we would in a few months, to talk about further debt reduction offers.

What upsets me is, Fannie Mae and B of A are these huge corporations who aren’t supposed to care about the little guy. Digital Federal Credit Union paints itself as this member-owned, member-driven organization. Yet, it was Fannie Mae who assigned one person to our case, communicated with us effectively and in a timely manner, and were willing to work with us when we were in this terrible situation. Meanwhile, DCU transferred us to different people, made us wait months for a resolution to our modification, and constantly hounded us about what we owed them while we were trying to work with them.

At this point, we’re doing OK. We’re working on paying the entities we owe, and we will dig out over time. C’est la vie, right?


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