Parenthood’s Season Finale

Last week, I wrote about Parenthood‘s adoption story line. Tuesday was the season finale. (Yes, in February. WTF?) Ignoring all of the other events, Zoe came to visit Joel & Julia. Zoe sort of apologized, not that she really had anything to apologize for, exactly. She chose to parent her child. Some would argue that she lead J & J on, but she didn’t intend to do so, which is what she told Julia. (This fictional event lead to some discussion on pre-birth matching on one blog that I follow religiously, and one that I don’t. Remind me to write about that, OK?)

After a nice, if brief, scene with Zoe, J & J head to their agency, where they say that they’re ready to drop qualifications on race and gender. (I have to wonder if they had any to begin with. I mean, they’re already a multi-racial family. Anyway…) The (I’m assuming) social worker asks if they’re open to “sky babies” – babies who have been born whose mothers did not make a prior adoption plan.

Aside: In 8 years, I have never heard the term “sky babies.” “Baby born situations” and “stork drops” are the two most commonly used on the forums and other places online. If you Google “sky baby”, you get a band. If you Google “sky baby adoption,” there’s one hit on the Family Resource Center page, and a bunch of hits that happen to use “sky,” “baby,” and “adoption” in the same page. They can’t even get the terminology right.

Back to Parenthood… J & J are at Crosby and Jasmine’s wedding (don’t ask) when Joel receives a call. “Right now?” he asks. He and Julia rush off. The episode ends with a young brown boy named Victor getting out of the car and coming into the house.

People do not go from wanting a newborn baby to wanting a child of any age in one week.

Even if they did, home studies are written to be age specific. Our home study approves us to adopt one or two children (in case of twins) under one year of age. Parents who want to adopt older children usually – if the agency is any good – have to go through extra education. Older child adoption is not the same as newborn adoption, which J & J will probably find out.

On the other hand, J & J asked if the biological parents can ever come back in cases such as these. The social worker  said that it’s rare, but yes, it can happen. That’s actually true! California’s laws about straight-up adoption are different than laws about, say, safe haven babies. So if J & J were open to safe haven or abandoned babies, then there is a risk of a birth parent or biological family member coming back into the child’s life. So, since Victor’s mother is in prison and terminated her rights so Victor wouldn’t end up in foster care, I predict one of Victor’s biological relatives is going to enter stage right.

My friend Karyn posted a comment last time, about how she gets annoyed when TV messes up pregnancy. I do see the parallel. The difference is that most people will experience a real pregnancy at some point in their lives. Adoption is shrouded in mystery, and people really do believe what they see on TV. (Especially Law & Order, for some reason.)

I’ve read that Parenthood is coming back next season, so I guess we’ll see what happens then…

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