The Movies and Adoption

This week’s Adoption Magazine blog hop topic is movies and adoption. I have a few thoughts on the topic, though not many. I know that’s odd for me.

When I wrote for, I watched and reviewed several adoption-related movies, including the much maligned horror flick Orphan. Since leaving them, I don’t think I’ve watched any explicitly adoption-related movies. I don’t get to watch what I want to watch very often, so, while there are some great adoption documentaries out, I have no idea when or if I’ll get to see them.

On the other hand, almost every TV show I watch involves or has involved adoption in some way. I had to stop watching Glee as soon as I realized they were going to screw that story line up. I believe my feelings on adoption in Parenthood are well documented. Castle occasionally has adoption thrown into a murder mystery. Law and Order: SVU does at least one show per season that involves adoption, and usually not in a positive way. In Once Upon a Time, adoption is the catalyst for Emma Swann to come to Storybrooke. Grimm has done a couple of shows about vessen being adopted. Smash had an adoption story line last season, as Debra Messing’s character and her husband were applying to adopt from China. (No word on that this season, though.) Even Go On involves one family formed by adoption – Anne has two adopted children. This reminds me that I want to post my pitch for a show about open adoption.

Jackson has started watching Jessie, which includes several adopted children. He watches on his iPod, so I only get to hear it from the front seat. It seems acceptable. I like it better than Good Luck Charlie, at least. I won’t let him watch Meet the Robinsons or Despicable Me because their adoption stories are so far removed from reality.

If you’d really like to know more about the movies and adoptions, I highly recommend Addison Cooper’s blog, Adoption at the Movies. It’s a great resource for adoptive families and non-adoptive families alike. For example, let’s say you watch Meet the Robinsons. You can go over to Addison’s blog and find out more about the issues it presents. How “real” is that movie? What should I tell my kids about it? That kind of thing.

4 thoughts on “The Movies and Adoption

  1. there’s a movie at redbox right now called Adopting Terror. it appears to be straight-to-video. from rotten tomatoes: “The adoptive parents of a newborn girl find their happiness short-lived when her daughter’s deranged biological father vows to get her back by any means necessary in this tense psychological thriller.”

    almost everything about adoption in movies and on TV is ridiculous. even on my favorite TV shows, such as Mad Men and Big Love, i hate their adoption-related storylines.

    and there are few movies i dislike more than Juno.

  2. We’ve watched both Despicable Me and Meet the Robinsons. We talked about the issues throughout. I tend to do that with lots of hot-button topics that they show.

  3. I love Despicable Me! Honestly, I hadn’t even thought about the adoption angle until you said it. It’s so silly and unrealistic that I wouldn’t even consider it an adoption movie.

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