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10 Days ‘Til 10 Years: Memory Lane

On July 27, Max and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I’ve decided to post something new everyday about us. Because it’s my blog, and I can. While I was writing the timeline, I remembered a few things that I want to share. Who Says Couples Shouldn’t Work Together? Max and I have frequently … Continue reading

The Blogs I Read

OnĀ one post, one of the commenters mentioned my blog roll. Not all of the blogs that I read are listed there. About two years ago, I overhauled the blog. Before that, I did list all of the blogs I read in the Blog Roll, making it ridiculously long. When I chose the blogs to put … Continue reading

First Fourth/Lost Teeth

I wanted to do a wordless 4th of July post, but realized I needed a little bit of explanatory text. I will try to be brief. First, Cassie finally shows off her first tooth! And her second one has created a little hole in the gum next to the first. (Her shirt reads “Every Princess … Continue reading

The Twilight-Themed Baby Shower

Last Sunday, I co-hosted a Twilight-themed baby shower. I thought it was awesome. The expectant mom thought it was awesome. Therefore, it was awesome. Back story: My friend Shaina is pregnant with her fifth child. When she told me, I realized that she hadn’t met our group of friends until she was pregnant with her … Continue reading

February Break is Over. Hooray!

I’ve been very fortunate to make some new friends at Jackson’s new school. Unlike my son, who is “a friend to all,” I’m not very good at making friends, so I was worried. But I differ from some of my new friends. Several of them lament the end of breaks. I am all too happy … Continue reading

Having Enough White Friends

Yesterday, in my review of A Gate at the Stairs, I wrote: What stuck with me the most was an incident that occurred on a playground. Emmie and another (white) girl are playing nicely. The girl’s mother, mistaking Tassie for Emmie’s mother, suggests that the two girls get together for a playdate sometime. You see, … Continue reading

Jackson’s Lego Animal Birthday Party

It’s been over a week, but I wanted to post some pictures from Jackson’s Lego animal birthday party. Jackson and I made these Lego minifigure head marshmallow pops: From January 2012 Jackson’s 6th Birthday The secret to getting the black gel icing to stay on their faces? Let them air dry overnight. They’re quite yummy. … Continue reading

It Will Always Be Marine World to Me

First, apologies to anyone who reads this because it’s an adoption blog. I promise I have some adoption-related posts planned for the very near future. It’s just that summer is very eventful around here! On Monday, my friend Kelly and her daughter Cassidy took us to Marine World – that’s Six Flags to all you … Continue reading

Monterey Bay on Sunday

I have been to Monterey twice, I think. Maybe three times. Once, I went with my friend Wendy, who was visiting from Los Angeles, and her mom, who was visiting from Ohio. We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium only to find a line out the door and well backed up onto the street. We … Continue reading

Santa Cruz on Saturday

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk didn’t open until 11, so we had a nice, leisurely morning to get ready to roll. It was cold and gray. A lot of people don’t realize that cold and gray mornings are the norm on the California coast, even in San Diego. We got into the parking lot ($12) … Continue reading