“… friendships that stood the test of time were not those built on ‘shared demographics’ alone. Although we may find ourselves in causal friendships with women who are similar to us – in age, motherhood status, career choice, etc. – the relationships that will deepen and grow are built on much more personal and meaningful factors. The friendships that endure are those that provide unconditional acceptance, compassionate honesty, and mutual trust.”

From: Lasting Friendship – Age Gap Friendships – Good Housekeeping

November is the month in which we remember to be grateful. I am grateful for my enduring friends.

I am grateful for Annemarie, one of my closest friends, who has known me since I was 14-years old. And for some reason, she is still my friend.

I am grateful for Christy, who hasn’t known me all that long in the grand scheme of things, but whom I consider to be one of my best friends. She made me read Twilight. And for some reason, I’m still her friend. (The truth is, Twilight is awesome, and so is Christy!)

I’m grateful for Cheyenne, who answers my stupid questions and keeps my son for sleepovers.

I am grateful for my college friends, who were there for me for the best and worst of times, and who are still a part of my life: Anna, Kellie, Jason & Paula (honorary college friend through marriage), and Colleen (I know I owe you a phone call).

I am grateful for Dawn F. and Jenna H., two Live Journal/bloggy friends who made me see adoption in a whole new light. They are truly inspirational.

I am grateful for Helena, my penpal friend since I was 10, who flew all the way to New Hampshire from Spain to watch me get my eyebrows plucked. Well, she watched my wedding too.

I am grateful for Joanne, who listens whenever I call, even if it’s a weird time in New Hampshire. Similarly, I am grateful for the Fortier and Gamache families, who have embraced our family as their own.

I am grateful for Kari, my high school locker mate, who made me sign up for Facebook (without which, I would not have connected and reconnected with so many friends).

I am grateful for Kelly, who tells it like it is (and who almost single-handedly outfitted my daughter for her first year of life).

I am grateful for Kirstin, who “listens” over email and provides great advice.

I am grateful for Lynne, who makes time to visit us every year so our kids can get together.

I am grateful for Max, who was my friend before he was more than my friend, and who waited patiently for me to figure out that you can date your friends.

I am grateful for so many of my New Hampshire friends who have made the effort to keep in touch all of these years: Traci, Melissa, Maria, Deb S., Ben & Shawna, … so many people, I know if (when) we move back, we’ll still have our friends to come home to.

I am grateful for my online adoption friends, like Melanie and Melodie, who can always provide me with honest advice.

I am grateful for Penny, my best friend in high school. We can get together after not seeing each other for years and pick up right where we left off.

I am grateful for “Rain,” my bloggy friend, who understands a lot about what our family goes through. (And who will be going to BlogHer 2014 with me! Woo hoo!)

I am grateful for Roy & Trisha and their girls, who have always made us feel special.

I am grateful for Shaina, who makes me things and who doesn’t seem to think I’m totally insane.

I’m grateful for Wendy I. who has gone to great lengths to make sure we haven’t lost touch since high school, even though I am not always the greatest communicator.

Thank you, my friends, for being there, for sharing your lives with me, and for allowing me to share my life with you.

And to my new friends, especially those from ACA II, I look forward to continuing to build our friendships and share more together in the coming years.

One thought on “Friends

  1. Awww! I am thankful for you too!!! I’ve been a bad friend recently and I am sorry for that! But YAY for BlogHer!!!! We are going to have a fabulous time!!

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