Review: Creating a Family Guide to Choosing an Adoption Agency or Attorney

Creating a Family Guide to Choosing an Adoption Agency or Attorney CoverDawn Davenport of Creating a Family was kind enough to allow a few bloggers to read and review the new Creating a Family Guide to Choosing an Adoption Agency or Attorney. This e-guide (or online guide, for those of us who are old school) is available for free for a limited time. In a few months, it will be available for purchase on Amazon Kindle.

OK, so, backstory out of the way, on to the review.

The Creating a Family Guide is strikingly similar to the Adoptive Families Magazine Editors’ You Can Adopt! It covers the same ground with the same overall tone. However, the CAF Guide is about 52 pages, while AF You Can Adopt! is about 320 pages. Clearly, the CAF Guide is quicker, more accessible read. You Can Adopt! was published in 2009, while, obviously, the CAF Guide is brand spanking new. Also, the convenient online format makes it possible to link to resources from the CAF web site, including specific CAF Podcasts.

I enjoy the way that the CAF Guide is organized. It makes a lot of sense to talk about each type of adoption individually, because they are all so different. The handy comparison chart at the beginning is a must read for anyone who is new to adoption.

The CAF Guide collects a lot of the best information from the CAF web site in one convenient location. It also expands on that information enough to make it distinct from the web site. I think my favorite feature is the number of worksheets with breakdowns for fees. I made something up for myself, but these worksheets are so much neater.

I feel compelled to mention that I am quoted twice in the guide. Dawn Davenport solicited information and advice from parents, as well as adoption professionals, which I think is a great way to create up-to-date, practical, informative content.

The CAF Guide also contains a unique section about finding an adoption professional if you are in the LGBTQ community. I think it could be expanded upon, but, as a quick start guide, it’s quite useful.

The one problem I have with this guide may be unique to me. Everyone who reads my blog knows I’m a technical writer. I enjoy the correct use of grammar and the consistent use of words. While reviewing the CAF Guide, I was able to proofread and provide editorial comments on the first several pages. However, I simply couldn’t do the whole guide. But it needs a proofreader’s eye. However, most people will probably not mind a few typos, subject/verb disagreements, and inconsistent use of terms.

Despite the minor editorial errors that drive me personally insane (which I realize may be a shortcoming to some people, but if prospective employers are reading this, they’ll know I pay attention to detail!), I highly recommend the Creating a Family Guide to Choosing an Adoption Agency or Attorney. As of this writing, you can’t get anything better for free. I also believe it will be worth the cost when it’s available as a paid e-book. The Creating a Family Guide to Choosing an Adoption Agency or Attorney is a must have for those who are just beginning their adoption journeys!

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