Worst. Ending. Ever.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for both The Hunger Games trilogy and the Twilight saga. 

For many reasons, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and read The Hunger Games trilogy. I finished The Hunger Games on the plane home from Nashville. I really enjoyed it. The ending was, well, sad, but I thought the book was really well done. I moved on to Catching Fire, which I didn’t enjoy as much as the first one, but still, I thought it was well done. Finally, I read Mockingjay.

Oh my.

Now, people had told me that the ending was disappointing. I’d like to say something to those people.

Not seeing the Cullens kill James at the end of Twilight. That’s disappointing.

The fact that there isn’t a physical battle in Breaking Dawn, and that the Volturi live. That’s disappointing.

Prim dying, Katniss and Peeta burning, and Katniss going crazy?

That’s awful. For two major reasons:

  1. The whole reason Katniss was in the Hunger Games to begin with was to save Prim. Suzanne Collins just made her entire journey worthless with that one action.
  2. Katniss is a strong female hero. There aren’t a lot of those in any kind of literature, but especially not in young adult fiction. Katniss going crazy sends the message that girls aren’t tough enough for the job. Contrast that with Bella Swan, who is vastly inferior to Katniss, but ends up saving her entire family and (theoretically) living happily ever after  with her sparkly vampire man. Girls who fight, go crazy. Girls who pretty much do nothing get what they want. Yeah, that’s a great message.

There are absolutely ways to end the book that don’t leave Katniss unscathed – because really, a person who has been in her position wouldn’t really live happily ever after – but still make the reader feel that reading the books was worthwhile, and uphold Katniss as a heroine.

I have decided that I will forget about everything after the remaining squad members leave the mutts at the Meat Grinder.

Finnick never dies. They all go to Tigress’s shop and devise a plan. Then, the rebels start to really take the city. They all leave in disguised pairs, including Finnick and Peeta. There is no pod that dumps people into the pit of CHUDs. The pairs get separated, but Finnick & Peeta & Gale & Katniss meet up just before the children are bombed with the silver parachutes. Prim never shows up (though Katniss’s mother could). The bombs explode again. Chaos ensues and the four are able to get into the President’s mansion. Finnick & Gale hold off the interior Peacekeeper force while Peeta and Katniss go to confront President Snow. President Snow gets Peeta to try to kill Katniss, but Peeta suddenly comes to himself and stops. With their weapons trained on the President, they make him broadcast to all of Panem all of the crimes he has committed against humanity. However, he is not guilty for bombing the kids. President Coin did that. Gale has returned from fighting (he and Finnick disabled the Peacekeepers) and verifies that the double-blast-bomb technology is 13’s. Snow starts to laugh as Katniss starts to realize what this means. Peeta kills him. Ultimately, Coin is forced to resign as President. Rather than flounder about with no President, the Rebels appoint Finnick temporary President – after all, he knows a lot about politics, is honest, is a great fighter, isn’t crazy, and everyone knows him. The remaining victors from the various districts form the first Legislature, and about 6 months later, they have elections. I don’t care who wins. But Katniss and Peeta get to go back to District 12 and have those kids.

Much better ending.

(Don’t worry, my next post will be family and adoption-related.)

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