We Are At Disney

(originally posted on LiveJournal)

We’re in our room at the Disneyland Hotel.
Highlights of today:

  • Jack announcing, “We live at Disney!”
  • Jack donning his Mickey ears as soon as we got to the hotel.
  • Jack actually going into the “big pool” with me.
  • Jack being brave and asking the lifeguard if he could sit with Ariel (a statue). The lifeguard said yes. So Jack climbed up and hugged Ariel.
  • Finding a Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Sandwich for dessert. (I haven’t had one since I moved to CA.)

Lowlights of today:

  • A big rig overturning on 880, closing 3 lanes of traffic, so we had to get off the highway and try and find the airport on surface streets, and being sure that we were going to miss our flight. We literally ran onto the plane, as we got there at 1 pm for a 1:29 flight. (I guess making our flight should be a highlight too.)
  • My knee is not behaving well, and I’m likely going to be out of medication before the weekend is over.
  • Thinking of all the cool things I could tell my mom about Jack and Disney, only to remember a second later that I won’t be telling my mom anything. I really miss her.

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