A Few Things… and a Bit of Advice Needed

(originally published on LiveJournal)

We go to Disneyland in TWO DAYS! This makes me happy. Of course, there are a zillion tasks to do before we go, but that’s always the way.

Somehow the iTunes Genius thinks that “Fall to Pieces” (Avril Lavigne) should be followed by “Out Tonight” from Rent (OCR). Anyway…

My Aunt Donna and Great Aunt Sister Mary Sharone (she’s a nun) are coming to So. Cal. to visit my Aunt Carol. Aunt Carol wants to see us while we’re at Disney. She’ll come to us, but of course they don’t want to go to the parks. If this were a normal vacation, then I wouldn’t mind making room. I don’t know how to say “Sorry Aunt Carol” without causing a family feud.

In other news, my Xyrem has just about run out. And because it’s a highly controlled substance, it only ships from one pharmacy, and doctors have to register to prescribe it. I’m 90% certain that I gave my “new” doctor the paper to fill out (and if I didn’t, then I know I gave him the URL to the healthcare professionals portion of their web site) back in January. Did he fill out the form? Of course not. So I may end up being without pain meds this weekend. I have a little bit left. Hopefully if I take the minimum dose, I’ll get through. Now, part of this is my fault. I should have realized I was so close to being out. But still, how hard is it to fill out a form when you have more than SIX MONTHS to do it?

At least Ativan is safe and effective to take even if it did expire in February. I love the pharmacists.

But, speaking of health, our insurance basically expired. We’ve been on COBRA through Max’s ex-employer. I went to get a prescription filled, and the computer came back with “expired”. It turns out, to continue COBRA, the Ex had to send us forms to fill out. They didn’t send them. So Max had to drive to Silicon Valley today, and we have to hope it all gets sorted out in the next two days. I’m worried about:

  • I had a physical that came back as denied, so I’m going to have to deal with billing at the hospital.
  • I had an MRI, which may or may not be denied, so I’m going to have to deal with billing at the lab.
  • If by some miracle I do get a prescription for Xyrem, I’d have to pay $800 for it and hope that I get reimbursed.
  • They say that the coverage will pick up from when it expired, but I still worry that it will look like a lapse. I’m concerned enough about having to get insurance on our own someday. All I need is for insurance companies to deny us or jack up the price.

It makes sense that bad drivers have to pay more for insurance, but most people aren’t sick because they want to be. I didn’t choose to have a disability. It wasn’t even due to an unhealthy lifestyle. I stepped out of my car. That’s it. And because of that, I’m screwed. And all the debate about how sick people bring it on themselves is such BS. I’ll admit, my mother totally did – she smoked for decades. But it’s more common that people find out way after the fact that their job or their environment has given them cancer or other illnesses or that their genes predisposed them to certain conditions. And if you’re poor, living a healthy lifestyle is far more difficult, especially if you live in a city.

OK. I’m done now.

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