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County Fair 2013

I realized that I never posted our epic, mostly awesome County Fair 2013 experience. I’m not going to now. But I will post some pictures, largely because I want everyone to see how much my kids have grown in just one year.

My Children Are Pierced

On Friday, Max and I took the kids to get their ears pierced. We took them to a tattoo and body piercing salon because they use needles for piercing. You see, piercing guns can’t be completely sterilized, but needles can. I also read about what guns actually do to your ear, and… blech. So, we … Continue reading

County Fair 2012

On Friday, June 1, we all went to the County Fair. We go every year. It’s a wonderful way to start our summer! This year was very different. It was Cassie’s first time at the fair! Also, because Jackson’s school is on the fairgrounds, we arrived at 8:15, before anyone else was there. We had … Continue reading

Monterey Bay on Sunday

I have been to Monterey twice, I think. Maybe three times. Once, I went with my friend Wendy, who was visiting from Los Angeles, and her mom, who was visiting from Ohio. We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium only to find a line out the door and well backed up onto the street. We … Continue reading

Santa Cruz on Saturday

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk didn’t open until 11, so we had a nice, leisurely morning to get ready to roll. It was cold and gray. A lot of people don’t realize that cold and gray mornings are the norm on the California coast, even in San Diego. We got into the parking lot ($12) … Continue reading

Santa Cruz on Friday

My friend Christy’s family is moving so she can go to grad school. Before they leave, they’re trying to do a lot of the things in California they’ve never done. Christy hadn’t been to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk since she was a pre-teen, so our family went with their family. We stayed in a … Continue reading

Howarth Park

Today, we went with our good friend Christy and her daughters to Howarth Park in Santa Rosa. We met up with Christy’s mom and with Christy’s friend Sabrina and her family. So, we had three 5 year olds, one 8 year old, and a few adults. On the way home, Christy pointed out that, after … Continue reading

County Fair 2011

Every year since Jack was just shy of 1-1/2, we’ve been to the County Fair. This year, we spent time with two sets of friends! It was also the first year that it almost rained. Yes, it’s California, in June, and it’s been raining. The last time I remember this happening was June 1993, the … Continue reading

Mount Diablo

Some of you may remember that Jack had a hard time behaving in school in January and February. To recap, he was acting out and hurting some of the other kids. I read several behavioral books (and I intend to review them here someday) and they all said the same thing: Classic response to stress. … Continue reading