Leave Your Behind in the Past

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.” I’m not entirely sure who said that. I think I read it on Lori Lavender Luz’s blog last year, though. It reminds me of me. When I read it the first time, I thought it was very profound and … Continue reading

People For Whom I Would Rather Vote For President

On our drive up the coast from Disneyland, Max and I made a list of people – real and fictional – for whom we would rather vote for President. I’m not sure if that sentence makes grammatical sense. It’s very late/early. Without further ado… Jed Bartlet Matthew Santos Martin Sheen Bill Pullman’s character from Independence … Continue reading

We Live in New Hampshire Now

Sorry for the long hiatus. Moving cross-country is incredibly time consuming and difficult. But we’re all here – New Hampshire! By “all” I mean the four humans, two rabbits, and one cat. I also tried to bring 5 plants, but 2 didn’t survive the trip. One might be able to bounce back, but the other … Continue reading

Why in the World? and Other Blog Posts

Why in the World? and Other Blog Posts

I know I’ve done this a lot lately: direct you to other blogs. I have so many articles written in my head, but getting them typed out… that’s a different matter entirely. (59 days before we leave California.) The No Bohns About It post, Why in the World Does the Race or Ethnicity of a Foster Child … Continue reading

California Candidates on Mandatory Vaccination

California Candidates on Mandatory Vaccination

I’ve emailed most of the candidates for the following positions: US Senator US Representative (5th District) County Supervisor (Sonoma) Why most? Well, one of the candidates for US Senator is all about climate change and nothing else. His web site proclaims that he would take everyone’s money just to fight climate change. I was pretty sure … Continue reading

23andMe: What’s It All About?

Before we begin, this is all me. I’m not shilling for 23andMe. Many people in the adoption community ask about 23andMe and the other genetic testing services. This is a review, I suppose you could say, of the 23andMe service. Ever since we first adopted Jackson, I imagined that, one day, we would do one of … Continue reading