Blasts From the Past

Jack and Mommy

Jack and Mommy

Starting tomorrow, and continuing over the next year, I’m going to be republishing many of my blog posts from That site, while still active and operated by, purged a lot of their older content. I wrote for them from February 2009 to December 2010. I’m not saying these are great works or anything. I just don’t want to lose the information. I was writing three or more articles per month, every month, for almost two years. That’s a lot of content to flush down the drain.

This is something I’ve been planning on doing for several years. I received permission from an editor at to republish the posts, as long as I indicated that they had been published at

I’m trying to only post the articles that are still relevant and interesting. I guess you’ll have to decide if they are.

And I know I have to work on new content. I have so many ideas… and so few conclusions, which makes finite blog pieces difficult. Maybe reading my old work will get my writing mojo back.

Tell me what you think

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