We’ve Unpacked the Last Box

On July 20, we moved from Antioch to “Salem” (the name I’m using for the town in which we now live). The moving experience was slightly less horrendous than the one we had moving from New Hampshire to California back in 2004. This time around, the movers were three hours late, meaning they didn’t leave our … Continue reading

The Right Reason to Adopt?

I read the comments on blog posts. I shouldn’t, but I do. I read the following comment on a blog about the ethics of adoption fundraising: From my perspective, if the cost of domestic, international, or embryo adoption is too expensive for a family the obvious choice would be foster adoption. Maybe I’m just being … Continue reading

Why Do White Parents Adopt Black Children?

Why Do White Parents Adopt Black Children?

Because they’re there. OK, seriously. This post has been sitting as a draft for most of this year. The question was written by  Adoptive Black Mom in her post Privilege, Adoption and Melissa Harris-Perry. Specifically, she wrote: Do I think that [people of color] often sit back and question why White families adopt Black children?  Yep, and I’ve been … Continue reading

We Violated Rule Number 8

In June, The Diary of a Not-So-Angry Asian Adoptee posted a very informative piece that was shared everywhere I looked in the adoption community, An Adoptee’s Perspective: 15 Things Transracially Adoptive Parents Need to Know. I am totally on board with 14 of the 15 points – all of them except number 8: 8. If we … Continue reading

“None of That Was Done By Whites”

In the last week, I’ve been posting to my Facebook timeline many articles related to the events in Ferguson, MO. One of the links I posted was to an Onion article, that was so true, it wasn’t funny: Tips for Being an Unarmed Black Teen. A good friend of mine, someone I’ve known in real life for … Continue reading

The “Truth” About Adoption

I almost played a porn star in a play once. The play was Geniuses, a comedy about an Apocalypse Now-style movie being shot in the Philippines. Our venue became unavailable, so, without a place to put on the play, we could not do the play. I remember exactly one of my lines: “We are each … Continue reading

These Are the Times That Try Parents’ Souls

Before anyone decides to leave a nasty comment, please know that I love my children. Cassie is an adorable, bright, charismatic, energetic bundle of love. She really is brilliant, and very articulate. I love her from top to toe, and I’m very grateful that she is my daughter. But this weekend? This weekend, Cassie was the “terrible … Continue reading

I Met Jenna Hatfield! (@Firemom)

Picture it, Sicily, 1923… Oh wait, that’s a Golden Girls flashback, not my life. Picture it, Antioch, 2006. I’m a new mom-through-adoption. I spend a lot of time on the adoption.com forums. I know two birthmothers – Jackson’s (S) and my schizophrenic aunt, who placed a baby for adoption at some point in the 70s. … Continue reading

BlogHer 14: A Redhead’s Recap

Thursday: Fairy Tales Don’t Come True Salem to San Jose is supposed to be a drive of just under two hours. I did it in just over three. There was an accident. And rush hour. And stuff. So I missed the Sangria Soiree. Sad Robyn. On the bright side, I found parking and made it … Continue reading