Bloggers I Met at BlogHer (Updated)

I got back home from BlogHer about 3 hours ago. I have a whole slew of posts I want to write, but first, I thought I’d link to the ladies I met there. Mommy Mafia Miami Still Life with Crockpot Bren’s Creative Living and Growing  – a very nice woman whom I met in the … Continue reading

Off to BlogHer

I’ll be leaving for BlogHer momentarily. We moved from Antioch to “Salem” this past weekend. Are we settled in? Not even close. But when BlogHer registration happened, we didn’t know when we’d be moving. I’m not nearly as prepared for BlogHer as I’d like to be, but I do hope to meet some of the … Continue reading

Gay Marriage Again

Going back into the drafts folder for today’s post. Recently, an appeals court struck down Utah’s same sex marriage ban. The state plans to appeal, meaning that “gay marriage” might go to the Supreme Court again. I found this wonderful set of pictures from the last time same sex marriage made its way to the … Continue reading

We Found a Place! And Other Updates

Good morning! It’s so easy to sound cheerful on a Monday morning when I write these posts in advance at night. As the headline indicated, we found a place! We were getting very discouraged, having not gotten either of two houses we really loved that were within walking distance of our friends’ house. Last weekend, … Continue reading

My Oldest Friend

I felt like writing, but not about the ball of stress that is my life. I remembered my bloggy resolution to finish those draft posts. I found this one, a prompt from a scrapbooking/genealogy web site I used to read. Write about your oldest friend. Where did you meet? When did you become friends? Why … Continue reading

One Month (Give or Take)

I started my new job at Not Bank of America on May 7th. I’ve been there for about a month, give or take a couple days. It’s been different. I’ve been learning a lot. I’ve been writing a lot. Not here, obviously, but about banking procedures. I met more people in my first two days … Continue reading

County Fair 2013

I realized that I never posted our epic, mostly awesome County Fair 2013 experience. I’m not going to now. But I will post some pictures, largely because I want everyone to see how much my kids have grown in just one year.

The Way We Were

My mom died on May 21, 2009. My dad wanted me to sing at her funeral. My sister and I ended up cantoring the Mass, but I sang a solo during Communion. My mom was a huge Barbra Streisand fan, so I had to sing something of hers. I knew two songs – “Memory” and … Continue reading

My Mother Is Still Dead

I hate May. April’s not that great either. My mom died five years ago, May 21, 2009. I have a post already drafted for that auspicious anniversary. But today is Mother’s Day, and most of the time, when it comes to Mother’s Day, all I can think of is, “My mother is still dead.” The … Continue reading

How Smart Is My Daughter? E. So Smart!

I used to post “Jackson is great” stories here all the time in the beginning. I only had one kid then. Cassie has gotten the short shrift. Just as I was shutting down the computer, I remembered this story from dinner on Thursday. Cassie loves rice. We probably eat rice 2-3 times per week. She … Continue reading