Finding common ground, it is possible…

Originally posted on The adopted ones blog:
By TAO A comment was left here yesterday, that I declined to approve.  On the scale of some comments I have seen, it wasn’t the worst by any means.  It was though, derogatory to an entire segment of people in adoption, no exceptions, painting all with the same brush. …

Hello, I’m Robyn Chittister

I check my blog stats about once a week. WordPress gives me a list of the top searches that lead to my page. Usually, they are variations on “adoption network law center reviews” and “gilmore girls ending.” People love my alternate ending to The Gilmore Girls. This week, the number one search is “robyn chittister.” … Continue reading

Privilege? Obligation? Yes to Both

Someone posted the following on an adoption Facebook group, including her own comment: “And if you feel like it isn’t a privilege, well give em to all of us!” While I’m in judgmental mode, I thought I would pick this apart for the totally incorrect, judgmental, shaming message that it is. First, being a biological … Continue reading

Adoption Maternity Photos. Really?

I have heard of prospective adoptive parents who take photos of themselves during the waiting phase. Most of them feature couples holding chalk boards with phrases like, “Growing in My Heart” or “Waiting for You.” Some involve globes or maps of the countries from which their children will come. Apparently, these type of photos are … Continue reading

Boy Scouts

Max is an Eagle Scout. Therefore, Jackson is a Cub Scout. He is in his second year, so he’s a Wolf. I have very mixed feelings about this. In January 2014, the Boy Scouts of America decided to allow gay members. However, leaders cannot be openly gay. We wouldn’t even use an adoption agency that … Continue reading

Matching in Robyn’s Adoption Land

Last week, I wrote about how matching is done today. My intention was to write about matching in Robyn’s Adoption Land next, but I realized that I had to explain how counseling is done there. Simply for convenience, we’re going to assume that the expectant father is a part of the adoption plan. For more … Continue reading

I’m Going to BlogHer 2014!

I mentioned it when unveiling my blog’s new name, but now BlogHer has come out with a nifty badge, so I can proclaim it for all to see: In fact, I am bringing one of my real-life bloggy friends, so I can say: I will not be bringing my kids, so I can also say: … Continue reading

Options Counseling

In 2012, I read a great post at Therapy Is Expensive. Until then, I had never heard of Options Counseling. In the adoption realm, Options Counselors counsel pregnant women, providing information and support about all of their options – abortion, adoption, and parenting. There is no pressure or coercion. In one of the first Robyn’s … Continue reading

Pre-Birth Matching

In private domestic infant adoption, most prospective adoptive parents match with an expectant mother sometime during her pregnancy. According to the latest Adoptive Families Cost and Timing Survey, 35% of adoptive parents matched less than one month before their child was born. Only 12% matched after birth. So that means roughly 43% matched more than … Continue reading