California Candidates on Mandatory Vaccination

No on SB277I’ve emailed most of the candidates for the following positions:

  • US Senator
  • US Representative (5th District)
  • County Supervisor (Sonoma)

Why most? Well, one of the candidates for US Senator is all about climate change and nothing else. His web site proclaims that he would take everyone’s money just to fight climate change. I was pretty sure if I emailed him about mandatory vaccination, he would answer “climate change.”

I did not email our incumbent US Representative Mike Thompson at this time, because I did email him when the SB277 nonsense started. He’s for mandatory vaccination.

Please note: I am not endorsing anyone here. At least, not yet. I’ll be adding responses as I receive them. Eventually, I may or may not make one or more recommendations.

I asked only about their position on mandatory vaccination. Specifically, I wrote:

As the California primary draws near, I am asking all candidates about one issue. Last year, by passing SB277, California became the third state to remove religious and personal belief exemptions to vaccinations. What is your opinion on this legislation?

For the Senate and House candidates, I also asked:

If a federal-level proposal to eliminate religious and personal belief exemptions to vaccinations came before you, such as the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015, which was introduced in the House early last year, how would you vote?

I’m copying and pasting their responses. I am fixing spelling and grammatical errors. If any candidate sees this, and would like me to pull your information, or would like to add to your response, you can contact me through the comments.

US Senate Candidates

Greg Conlon: Against

“I would vote against a SB277 type proposal and allow parents and family doctors decide whether a child needs to be vaccinated.”

Tim Gildersleeve: Against

“The data seems to indicate that vaccinations are safe almost all of the time. My concern for this is that by forcing people to get vaccinated we are in violation of defiling a person’s conscience. There are people who have a legitimate reason for refusing vaccinations. I don’t think there was any data that indicated that there was a problem with the previous vaccination legislation in California so I think it should have remained as it was (California recently had new legislation on vaccinations). When the “state” begins to create legislation that violates people’s conscience’s that is overreach. We don’t want to go down that “slippery slope”. The pro-vaccination people have no answers as to what to do about those who have been damaged by a vaccination that did not work and created a medical condition in a child or adult.

When I am asked to approve legislation that would result in trampling on a person’s conscience (whatever the issue might be) I will vote no on it.”

Don Grundmann: Against

“I am absolutely opposed to mandatory vaccinations and I would totally reject any such federal law of which I would learn. I am a local representative of Vaccination Liberation and have spoken at public forums regarding the need to oppose any such mandatory vaccination laws.”

Jason Hanania: Against?

“I saw Vaxxed the movie. I’m an Evoting Candidate. If I’m elected, any Californian will be able to use the Evoting Service to propose banning all child vaccinations.”

Kamala Harris: For?

Harris refused to comment on this issue during the SB277 push. She is reportedly in favor of mandatory vaccination, though I do not have a statement from her to confirm or deny. It is noteworthy that Harris declined to prosecute Senator Pan for the same crimes for which she did prosecute others (tax embezzlement and housing fraud).

Von Hougo: Against, It Seems

“My platform is very different from every other U.S. Senate candidate. Neither party represents the majority of voters, and special interests have hijacked the political system. As an 8th grade teacher, I am running because I have a potential solution and felt it was my Constitutional obligation. For an explanation in 70 seconds, here is the link

Ultimately, I will vote the will of the majority of California voters… every time.

Your question about SB277 is a valid one. Unfortunately, this was passed at a State level, and therefore is out of the jurisdiction of the U.S. Senate. However, why have there not been conclusive and comprehensive studies? If they are being required by law, the research about the efficacy and side effects must be spotless and unquestionable prior to implementing mandatory vaccinations prior to doing forced injections. This research should be independent and not by the manufacturer or pharmaceutical companies who has a vested financial interests in the outcome.

The undue influence of special interests and the hidden agenda of our elected official is what I am trying to bypass. I am an 8th grade teacher running a no-donation campaign, because I felt our votes do not count anymore. Even when we vote, we aren’t voting not for the politician/party that represents us, but rather who will do the least damage. Or often it is defensive voting, where you are voting against the other party. Whoever wins takes that as a mandate and the voting in both houses of Congress is about 96% along party lines. So I decided to come up with a solution. My platform would have complete transparency, and not taking donations allows me to always put the best interest of the voters first since I am not beholden to anyone but the Voters of California.

Hope that helps. This is a very different campaign that is bypassing the Special Interests and Parties that have helped create our dysfunctional government and brings the power back to the voters.”

Don Krampe: Against

(Yes, he typed it in all caps.)

Gail Lightfoot: Against

“The ‘state’ cannot mandate any kind of medical decision,ever. This remains the choice of the parents. I oppose denying parental choice!”

Massie Munrow: Against?

(I think she hedged her bets.)
“I am grateful for your research.

I have received several questions in this regard from the voters.

I believe parents as citizens must be well informed about all legislations passed especially such laws regarding their children’s well-being.

I also believe parents must have direct participation in making decisions about their children’s lives and I will vote accordingly.”

Tom Palzer: Against

“I would vote against mandatory vaccinations.”

“I oppose mandatory vaccinations and I will work to repeal SB277, SB792 and the National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act of 1986 and work with Congress to subpoena William Thompson at the CDC for his mismanagement, including possible collusion with pharmaceutical companies. Families do not deserve the repercussions that vaccines can pose to their loved ones.”

Karen Roseberry: Against, To a Certain Extent

“My position is that it is not the role of the federal government to get involved in such matters and I would vote no if the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015 (or similar legislation) found its way to the U.S. Senate. I believe that Individual school districts may require students to have the MMR and whooping cough (pertussis) vaccines, basically the ones that have been required for years. I believe the existing law, prior to this bill had been sufficient (which included a personal belief exemption) and continue to believe that the matter should be addressed at the local school board level where parents can have a much more substantial role in the discussion and decision making process. I also have some serious concerns regarding the wording towards requirements upon private schools. Personally, I believe that in recent years a number of more unnecessary vaccines have become available, which are fine for parents who opt for them, but should not be mandated for those who choose not. Additionally, there are also concerns regarding the “recommended timing” for vaccinations that can be an issue on which parents may want to make decisions. The best solution is for the matter to be addressed by concerned parents to their respective school boards and options for charter schools be available for parents who may take issue with particular school board policies (if those issues are not prohibitive to the creation of a charter school.) Additionally, school vouchers should be available to parents as well.

I think the issues surroundings vaccination have a lot of factors to consider. Simply put, I believe parents have a right to make health care decisions for their children, as long as the decision does not harm their child. As parents typically choosing to not vaccinate their children do so because they believe it can cause harm (usually they believe greater harm than the virus attempting to be prevented), clearly they are not making a decision to harm. As the decision either to vaccinate or not to vaccinate both come with risks parents need to weigh carefully that which poses the greatest risk, and make their decision accordingly for them, but should be respectful to those that may have weighed the evidence on an inconclusive matter and decided differently.

In the vast majority of cases I do not believe government should be making mandates to the individual citizens; as such parents who believe it is harmful for their child to be mandated to be in extended and repeated contact with unvaccinated children (and/or teachers who may not want to be in extended and repeated contact) should have their
rights recognized, too. This is why, I believe the parents at the local level should discuss and decide with the local school board the policy regarding the children in attendance for that district, and that other options should exist for the education of the students whose parents may have been in dissent with the local decision.”

Jarrell Williamson: Against

“I think that SB 277 is too intrusive, and I don’t think that the state or federal government should mandate vaccinations in such a way. It is too controlling of private decisions. I have not read the Vaccinate All Children Act, but I think that I would not support a law like that.”

George Yang: Against

“I am against mandatory vaccination without parental consent. I don’t think a parent should be even be required to give a reason.

Here is my historical perspective on the Danger of Generic Homogeneity by universal vaccination: The Irish Potato Famine. When the potato was introduced into Ireland, it was a great idea. The potato suited the land and climate of Ireland, and 90% of Irish farms came to rely on the potato. Then in the 1840s, a previously unknown pathogen attacked the genetically similar potatoes in Ireland and wiped out the crop, killing one million people by famine.

If we inject everyone with the same genetic dosage, a future pathogen, either naturally occurring or man made, could have devastating consequences on the entire population. That’s why I am against mandatory vaccination.”

U.S. Representative, 1st District

Doug LaMalfa: Against?

Voted against AB2109 and AB499.

U.S. Representative, 2nd District

Jared Huffman: For

Voted in favor of AB2109 and AB499.

U.S. Representative, 5th District

Nils Palsson: Against

“Thanks for reaching out! I oppose mandatory vaccinations. I have a three year old daughter (who we’ve been able to spare from most unwanted vaccinations), and I stand in solidarity with parents choosing to opt out of vaccinations due to personal beliefs. I would vote against any bill seeking to impose mandatory vaccinations. Most of these guys in there now, Democrat and Republican alike, take big money from Big Pharma and the industries that benefit from required vaccinations. I believe in a parent’s right to make health care decisions for their children. I’m willing to advocate for these families.”

Mike Thompson: For

Unfortunately, I deleted Thompson’s email message from last spring. However, the gist of it was: His wife is in the health care industry. He believes that vaccines save lives. He believes that individuals don’t have the right to choose not to vaccinate their children, because that’s dangerous to other children.

U.S. Representative, 8th District

Paul Cook: Against

Voted against AB2109 and AB499.

Tim Donnelly: Against

Voted against AB2109 and AB499. Organized the SB277 referendum (though, admittedly, he didn’t organize it very well).

U.S. Representative, 9th District

Antonio (Tony) Amador: Against

Fought against AB2109 (the one where we had to have a doctor sign our PBEs). A long-time supporter of medical choice.

U.S. Representative, 36th District

Jeff Stone: For

Voted for SB277 and SB792.

U.S. Representative, 53rd District

Jim Ash: Against

“California’s pending vaccination bill (SB277) crosses the line on a state’s power to dictate what parents are required to do regarding their children’s health care. I am against this legislation for so many reasons, mostly because our elected officials feel they have the authority to decree what our children will be injected with. The bill also takes away a child’s right to a public or private education if they are not properly vaccinated. What is being proposed by our state legislators makes me wonder if I am still living in America.”

State Senate District 1

Ted Gaines: Against?

Voted against SB277 but for SB792.

State Senate District 2

Jim Wood: For

Jim Wood was a co-author of SB277.

State Senate District 3

Bill Dodd: For

Voted yes on SB277 and SB792.

Gabe Griess: Against?

“I literally just left the movie VAXXED in Sacramento at the Tower theater. It was a request from another voter that I see it. Very eye opening, and my son [name redacted] is coming up on his 18 month shots. I am concerned about the bill and the mixed MMR shot. I am very open to learning more.”

Lois Wolk: For?

Abstained on SB277. (As far as I’m concerned, that’s a vote in favor of mandatory vaccination.)

Mariko Yamado: For

“I am a social worker and support prevention in public health. I was not in the Legislature during the SB 277 deliberations, but would have supported it as striking the balance for protecting the community while still providing medical exemptions. Parents still have choice but have to provide for alternative schooling if the choice is to forgo vaccination. I do have concerns about the number and sequencing of vaccinations required and feel more needs to be done for choice in that area.”

State Senate District 4

Jim Nielsen: Against

Voted against SB277 and SB792.

State Senate District 5

Cathleen Galgiani: For

Voted in favor of SB277 and SB792.

State Senate District 7

Steve Glazer: For

Voted in favor of SB277.

State Senate District 9

Loni Hancock: For

Voted in favor of SB277.

State Senate District 10

Robert Hodges: Against

“I believe it should be left up to the parents. This is another example of government overreach.”

State Senate District 11

Mark Leno: For

Voted in favor of SB277.

State Senate District 13

Jerry Hill: For

Voted in favor of SB277.

State Senate District 15

Jim Beall: For

Voted in favor of SB277.

State Senate District 17

Bill Monning: For

Voted in favor of SB277.

State Senate District 19

Hannah-Beth Jackson: For

Voted in favor of SB277 (and was nasty about it).

State Senate District 21

Sharon Runner: Against

Voted against SB277.

State Senate District 23

Mike Morrell: Against

Voted against SB277.

State Senate District 27

Shawn Bayliss: Against

“As the only candidate in my race with a young child (4-months old) this issue affects me directly. While I am a believer in vaccinations, and am having my own child vaccinated at a much slower pace, I am troubled by the presumption of the State to force parents to inoculate their children. The State can promote, recommend, even subsidize, but forced compliance crosses the line of parental rights.

Parents pay the property taxes that fund the very schools their children would not be allowed to attend. And of course, children not attending school can land a parent in hot water, even jail.

So in the end, the State is saying, you are forced to vaccinate your children, or they can’t go to school. And if they don’t go to school, you will go to jail. Oh, and thank you for the taxes for the school we will not let your child go to.”

George Christopher Thomas: For?

Thomas worked for Fran Pavley, who voted in favor of SB277.

Fran Pavley: For

Voted in favor of SB277.

State Senate District 29

Bob Huff: Against

Voted against SB277.

State Senate District 31

Richard Roth: Conflicted

Voted against SB277, but for SB792.

State Senate District 33

Ricardo Lara: For

Voted in favor of SB277.

State Senate District 37

John Moorlach: Against

Voted against SB277.

State Senate District 39

Toni Atkins: For

Voted in favor of SB277 in the assembly.

Marty Block: For

Voted in favor of SB277.

John Renison: Against

Awaiting email from voter to corroborate.

State Assembly District 6

with thanks to OpinionatedInCA

  • Brian Caples: Against
  • Bill Halldin: Against
  • Kevin Hanley: Against
  • Gabriel L. Hydrick: Against
  • Suzanne Jones: Against
  • Kevin Kiley: Against
  • Ron “Mik” Mikulaco: Against
  • Cristi Nelson: Against
  • Andy Pugno: Against
  • Bogdan Ambrozewicz: Against

For detailed information, see OpinionatedInCA.

State Assembly District 7

with thanks to OpinionatedInCA

  • Kevin McCarty: For (voted for SB277 and SB792)
  • Janine Kloss, write-in candidate: Against

For detailed information, see OpinionatedInCA.

State Assembly District 8

with thanks to OpinionatedInCA

  • Ken Cooley: Against SB277, but voted for SB792
  • Nick Bloise: Unknown

For detailed information, see OpinionatedInCA.

State Assembly District 9

Jim Cooper: For

Voted in favor of SB277.

Tim Gorsulowsky: Against

Gorsulowsky helped gather signatures for the SB277 referendum. For more information, see OpinionatedInCA.

State Assembly District 10

Marc Levine: For

Voted yes on SB277 and SB792.

State Assembly District 11

Jim Frazier: For

Voted yes on SB277 and SB792.

State Assembly District 33

Jay Obernolte: Against

Voted against SB277 and SB792.

State Assembly District 33

Tom Lackey: Against?

Voted against SB277, but for SB792.

State Assembly District 40

Marc Steinorth: Conflicted

Voted against SB277, but for SB792.

State Assembly District 42

Chad Mayes: Against

Voted against SB277 and SB792.

State Assembly District 43

Laura Friedman: For

“I was not in the hearings and so I did not read the material that the legislature was presented and I did not hear testimony. However, based on what I’ve read in the media, I probably would have supported the vaccinate mandate.”

State Assembly District 47

Cheryl Brown: Conflicted

Voted against SB277, but for SB792.

State Assembly District 42

Freddie Rodriguez: For

Voted for SB277 and SB792.

State Assembly District 56

Eduardo Garcia: For

Voted for SB277 and SB792.

State Assembly District 57

Rita Topalian: Against?

According to a commentator on this post, Topalian is anti-mandatory vaccination.

State Assembly District 60

Eric Lunder: Conflicted

Voted against SB277, but for SB792.

State Assembly District 61

José Medina: For

Voted for SB277 and SB792.

State Assembly District 67

Melissa Melendez: Against?

Voted against SB277 and SB792, but she did vote for AB1117.

State Assembly District 75

Marie Waldron: Against

Voted against SB277 and SB792.

State Assembly District 80

Lorena Gonzalez: For

She not only voted for SB277, she openly mocked parents of vaccine-injured children from the floor. She is a despicable human being. My 4-year old behaves better than she behaved during those votes.

Louis J. Marinelli: Against

“As a matter of civil rights, I’m looking forward to restoring the PBE and protecting future medical freedom and choice in California.”

“As far as vaccines go, I think the idea of them is great. I want safe and healthy vaccines to protect us all from unnecessary death and disease. However, I have heard constituent stories of vaccine injuries and have seen compelling evidence of fraud and corruption at the Centers for Disease Control and the pharmaceutical corporations that manufacture these vaccines. I am also deeply concerned about two other issues: the vaccines are manufactured with no liability for its manufacturers and there is no informed consent. Throw in millions of dollars in campaign contributions to legislators to enact a government mandate to get these vaccines and I call foul on the whole thing.”

County Supervisor

Gina Cuclis: For

Ms. Cuclis asked for clarification. Specifically, she asked why I was asking about SB277 at all, when it’s a state-level thing and not a county-level thing. I clarified. She responded with:

“I’m on the Sonoma County Board of Education, I’m currently the President. We who sit on school boards in the county very much appreciate the Board of Supervisors support for public education, however, it would not be well received if the BOS were to interject it’s opinion into school districts’ policies. While the issue of vaccinations is a public health matter, the state law you’re referring to is between the state and school districts. I appreciate that you care about this issue very much. I also hope you can appreciate that I’m keeping my supervisor campaign focused on the issues of which a county supervisor is directly responsible for. Our policy at the County Office of Education requires our students to be vaccinated as required by state law.”

Susan Gorin: For?

“I don’t have a firm position on this, but I know that a number of folks were pushing for this after the Disneyland measles outbreak.”

I emailed her again to ask for clarification. After a back and forth, during which I explained my position, she declined to state an opinion at all. 

More Information

Cahuilla Nicole has been putting together Google Sheets of all of the candidates.


36 thoughts on “California Candidates on Mandatory Vaccination

  1. Thanks very informative. I emailed Von Hougo he was very nice but said he would vote the way the majority of The people wanted. I crossed him off the list. I even brought up freedom of. Choice?? Same answer.

    • I don’t think it’s feasible to ask us to all vote for the same candidate. We all believe in parental rights, but we have differing opinions on other issues, such as gun control, abortion, and so on.

  2. I saw some mention of a Conlon who just started working with Senator Richard Pan, we will just wanna make sure there’s not connection there

  3. Do you have Rita Topalian on your list? She is against and is very supportive of parents rights. She is fighting for Ian Calderons seat. Last election he spent over $1,000,000 against her $100,000 and only won by about 1800 votes. She s a self made lawyer. She has worked hard her whole life to serve her community.

    • I’ve been a registered Sem since 1992. I’m totally voting for Rita. I was emailing Calderon before his vote came up for sb277 and I never got a single reply. Once he voted for it, I was done with him.

    • I’ve gotten nothing from Sanchez. However, most Democrats do tend to be pro-mandatory vaccination. I won’t be voting for either Dem candidate.

  4. Just talked on the phone directly with Erin Schrode (Candidate in the US House of Representatives 2nd District. She is not vaccinated, her mother has very strong anti-vaxx feelings, she would be in favor of pushing Congress to subpoena William Thompson. She is in favor of increased government transparency. From Marin, California.

  5. Does anyone know about where Danny R. Turner or Eric Swalwell stand from district 15, united states representative? As well as Guy Moore and Joseph Alexander Rubay from district 7, state senator? Lastly Cheryl Cook-Kallio from district 16, member of the state assembly? Thank you!

  6. Regarding – George Christopher Thomas: For?

    Thomas worked for Fran Pavley, who voted in favor of SB277. I think you might have him mixed up with Henry Stern who works for Pavley. I know someone who spoke to George Thomas & he seemed to support parents rights & was open to learning more.

    Also you left off Assembly Dist 44- Jacqui Irwin vote yes for both SB277 & SB792. Thanks We need to voter her out

  7. For State Senate District 27, Thomas does not work for Pavley. That’s Henry Stern. And Pavely is not running this time because she is termed out, but she did vote for SB277. Great list though!

  8. Abstaining counted as a vote against.
    Thanks your incredible hard work contacting all of your reps and compiling this list.

  9. I wanted to share the response I got from Mathew Wookey who is running for the 2nd congressional district State Rep. He replied to my question about his stance on SB277 as: “I support SB277 for the protection it will provide to the children of California. However, I don’t feel that it does a sufficient job of guaranteeing a quality education to any children whose parents refuse to immunize them. No child should suffer for their parents beliefs.”

  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to research and post this! This really helped me narrow my choices & helped me pick the candidates that will protect our rights!

  11. Please note Eric Linder/Assemblyman for 60th District voted no on SB277 & SB792, he is not conflicted. Thank you for the info.

  12. Any help with the 48th district For state represetative? Rohrabacher, BANUELOS, OR SAVARY??

    Thanks for helping!!


  13. I asked Steve Stokes for U.S. Senator on a discussion board on his website. He never responded, anyone else have anything from him? Sacramento, Ca.

  14. Veronica “Roni” Jacobi for Assembly 10th District (Region Sausalito – Santa Rosa/Sonoma – instead of Marc Levine) – just got a call from her. She said that 32 yrs ago she delayed vaccinations and skipped some of them for her own kids. And is concerned that the situation has only gotten worse. She hasn’t researched SB277 enough to know for sure if she would have voted against it, but she does have concern for vaccine safety, and has watched many films about vaccine safety, and understands the pharmaceutical industry collusion, and deceptive practices. She also wrote, “I strongly question the safety of some vaccines and their “carrying agents” for making them last longer… mercury for example… I do need to study the issue more. ” She also said that she would want to work with our group for creating clear solutions for everyone. And would need help with talking points if she were to want to change that legislation

  15. I’m trying to figure out the opinions on vaccination of US Representative candidates for 25th District. Didn’t hear back from them yet.
    Also it seems odd that Tom Lackey voted against SB277 but voted to vaccinate the stuff. I think it should be personal freedom to vaccinate or not.

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