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I was reading the adoption.com forums, when a prospective adoptive parent explained that the expectant mother with whom she’d been matched would be getting a copy of their home study before the emom relinquished. All last names and sensitive information were removed. However, she still felt that was too much information. Could she ask for … Continue reading

Can It Happen? Should It Happen?

A question was asked in an online forum today. A woman posted that, although she and her husband had “just started to pray about adoption” and didn’t even have a home study, agency, or lawyer, through her church, an expectant mom wanted to place her baby with them. The emom is in another state, and … Continue reading

Great Google-y Moogley

For the non-adoption crowd: PAP = prospective adoptive parent and E-parent = expectant parent. Last week on adoption.com, a thread titled “Internet snooping” began. A PAP asked Once you are matched with an expectant mom, how much internet snooping should you do? The reactions were pretty much split down party lines, with birthmothers saying that … Continue reading