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This Post Is In No Way About Twilight

(originally posted on LiveJournal) Yeah, I didn’t think I’d fool anyone with that. (Especially given the icon and the tags.) Max rented Twilight for me the other night. I watched it last night (Saturday). Wow was that bad! I’m glad I knew beforehand. Robert Pattinson is no Edward. Sorry. I hope he gets better for New Moon. Though that … Continue reading

My Job and Another Jack Funny

(originally posted on LiveJournal) Jack funny first. Jack was in his car, driving to work. He said, “I’m the Mommy, so I’m going to work… My manager is selfish and mean.” I love my son. I hate my job. I’ve been up til about 2 am most nights working. All of our products are released … Continue reading

Twilight the Movie

(originally posted on LiveJournal) So, I was contemplating whether or not to watch Twilight, the movie. Many people I trust said it was not good. I was thinking, “If only there were some way I could see a preview or something…” Umm… yeah… sometimes I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I found some movie … Continue reading

Brief Update of Sorts

(Originally published on LiveJournal) I’m out of “official” Twilight content to read, so I’ve found myself perusing some fan fiction. First time I’ve ever read anything of the sort, and I was an ST:TNG fan. (Actually, I still am, but that’s another post.) I’ve read a couple of surprisingly good stories. I just read an … Continue reading

Life Update

(originally published on LiveJournal) Now, the yeah-that’s-great-but-I’d-rather-have-my-mom-back part: My sister and I were the beneficiaries on my mom’s checking and savings accounts. My father is OK with this. He insists he has enough to live on. I may call my uncle (his accountant) and make sure, but still… Anyway, we got our checks. I’m just … Continue reading


(originally published on LiveJournal) I have no idea why I continue to be obsessed with Twilight. I read the Midnight Sun excerpt on Stephenie Meyer’s blog. I fervently hope it will actually be written and published. I found the books at Costco. The first one was half-price in paperback, so I bought it, despite the fact that we … Continue reading

2486 Pages

(originally published on LiveJournal) I just read 2486 pages in 8 days. That’s 310 pages a day. 310 pages is an entire Christie novel (that’s Agatha for any young’uns on the list). I just read the entire Twilight series. SPOILERS I liked book one well enough. Book two was a little slow, shall we say? But I could … Continue reading