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Yep, I’m Shopping for Black Friday

For the first time ever, I will be partaking in the Black Friday shopping. Why? Because it starts on Thursday. I don’t wake up early unless I have to. These stores are being very nice and opening on Thursday, or midnight on Friday. I love the middle of the night. I do not love 6:00 … Continue reading

Help Me Spoil My Son

(originally posted on LiveJournal) Jack’s Adoption Day is next week. We’re getting him wooden blocks. I’m not sure which to get. I’m very into being “green” and environmentally friendly. Plan Toys makes their blocks from rubberwood. I can get 50 natural and colored blocks for $18. Melissa & Doug toys are well-regarded, but they are … Continue reading

Monday through Friday

I have to finish journaling this so I can write about NEW stuff. Monday, October 16: Not much happened this day. Max had to go to South Station to pick up the car. I made a lot of phone calls, trying to schedule seeing people. I ran errands, buying wedding presents and baby supplies. Jack … Continue reading

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Continuing the journaling of our trip to New England. Looking back at last week (October 9-12), I feel like we missed many opportunities to see people. Our biggest problem was Jack’s lack of sleep schedule. Every day he refused naps. Max couldn’t get him to sleep in the morning. I couldn’t do much better in … Continue reading