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Last Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday (June 7th) was Jackson’s last day of Kindergarten (or Primary, as it’s known at ACA II). This August, he’ll be in First Grade (aka Elementary, aka “the big class”). Here he is at his school play, Coyote Steals Summer. He was a Brown Fox. When we got into ACA II, two of our friends … Continue reading

County Fair 2012

On Friday, June 1, we all went to the County Fair. We go every year. It’s a wonderful way to start our summer! This year was very different. It was Cassie’s first time at the fair! Also, because Jackson’s school is on the fairgrounds, we arrived at 8:15, before anyone else was there. We had … Continue reading

Jackson’s Second Parent/Teacher Conference

I’ve had so much going on in my head that I completely forgot to write about Jackson’s parent/teacher conference, which took place two weeks ago. ACA II doesn’t give grades. The kids work on assessments and then we get detailed reports of how they’re doing. “Jackson has followed routines and expectations very diligently. He continues … Continue reading

February Break is Over. Hooray!

I’ve been very fortunate to make some new friends at Jackson’s new school. Unlike my son, who is “a friend to all,” I’m not very good at making friends, so I was worried. But I differ from some of my new friends. Several of them lament the end of breaks. I am all too happy … Continue reading

Jackson’s First Parent/Teacher Conference

On Friday, we had Jackson’s first parent/teacher conference at ACA II. I could write lots of glowing praise for him. Instead, I’ll just post a few tidbits that friends and family might find interesting. My favorite quote: “Jackson is enjoyable to have in our classroom. He is a good friend to all.” Jackson needs some … Continue reading

She Didn’t Believe Me

My Dad volunteers at Jackson’s school on Thursday mornings. He gardens. When I picked Jackson up today, I asked him if he saw Grandpa Bob. Jackson: Yep. I sure did! Me: Was that fun? Jackson: An elementary kid didn’t believe he was my Grandpa. Me: Why not? (I figured I knew why not, but I … Continue reading

First Day of School: Kindergarten Edition

Today was Jackson’s first day of Kindergarten! He’s officially in school now. We picked out his first-day-of-school shirt last week. Initially, I said he didn’t need shoes, but after soccer this Saturday, I noticed that his shoes from this spring are a little rattier than I remembered. We went to Kohl’s and bought him his … Continue reading

Last Day

This is Jackson when he started preschool: It was July 7, 2008.* He was just shy of 2-1/2. My MOMS Club friends had all told me not to put him in preschool, that he would spend enough of his life in school. So, we tried day care first, with disastrous results. After Jackson got to … Continue reading

The Sad State of Kindergarten

Getting into the Antioch charter schools requires winning the lottery. We were lucky #21 for ACA II. If we hadn’t gotten into ACA II, Jackson would have gone to the elementary school closest to us. There, they split up kids based on “ethnicity” – that is, they want an equal number of English and non-English … Continue reading

Family History: My Favorite Year

This week, I decided to write the¬†Family History Tuesday post a little closer to Tuesday. This week’s prompt: What was your favorite school year ever? What about that year made school/education so good for you? Kindergarten was probably my favorite. I loved Kindergarten! I learned to read. I had a best friend (Dawn Lynn Workman). … Continue reading