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Book Review: A Gate at the Stairs

Back story: I have an 8-page wish list on Amazon.com, Library Books. Two weeks ago, we took Cassie for her first visit to the library. Max came too, so I got a chance to go through the list and check two books out! I heard about A Gate at the Stairs, by Lorrie Moore, from … Continue reading

School: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We had Jack’s school conference last Thursday. It was by far the longest one we’ve had. Let’s start with the good news. The Good Jack is brilliant. Seriously. His teacher said he was very smart, we know he’s very smart, and he knows he’s very smart. He’s in Junior Kindergarten. He has been counting past … Continue reading

Simultaneously Embarrassed and Proud

Jack has been going through a mean, defiant, boundaries-testing phase of late. It really started in earnest in November. He says mean things and talks in a teasing voice. Or, he comes very close to doing something wrong without quite doing the deed itself. He’s always been worst when he’s with his Grandpa Bob, my … Continue reading

Family History: Talents

What are some of my talents? The first one that comes to mind is singing. I sing. I miss singing. I sometimes get to sing to Jack, but often times, he prefers to sing to himself. He’s definitely got the “I randomly burst into song” thing that I’ve got. I once told him, “Mommy almost … Continue reading

Some of Our Favorite Books

Some of Our Favorite Books

This post was originally published on AdoptionBlogs.com on March 3, 2009. Republished here with permission. My son is 3, and he loves to read! He picks out his own stories. This week, he’s picked out some of our favorite books that feature multi-ethnic characters. More More More Said the Baby, by Vera Williams: Featuring a … Continue reading

September Web Site Update

As usual, Jack is surpassing the milestones of other kids his age. This September, Jack will be 32 months old. (Soon, we can stop keeping track of months. Woo hoo!) In terms of milestones, he’s at about a  4 year level in his language, cognitive, social, and emotional milestones. He’s about average in his physical … Continue reading

I Don’t Want to Forget

I’ve been thinking recently about all the little things that I forget. I’ve been working on journaling Jack’s baby book. (OK, books – 4 to be exact. From pre-birth to his 1st Birthday Party. Anyway…) There were times when I was great about writing – either here or on paper. Then, there are times when … Continue reading

Jack is Amazing!

Jack has had some very cute moments in the last 3 days, so without further ado, I will share them. (Then I’ll install more web design software so I can create a site for Meant to Be.) To start with the most recent first, tonight before bed, Jack and I read The Baby Goes Beep. … Continue reading

General Update

I’ve been using digital scrapping software to create pages, including an entire custom storybook for Jack. Business and Mom… I’m lucky if I get 18 hours of work done in a week. I have no idea how I’m supposed to work with a child. I can’t plunk him down in front of TV – not … Continue reading