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Why New Hampshire? (And Why Not Pittsburgh?)

We’ve recently begun telling people – dentists, teachers, etc. – that we will be moving to New Hampshire this summer. The #1 question we get is: Why New Hampshire? As readers know, we’re moving to New Hampshire because the state of California believes it has the right to make medical decisions for children.* That is … Continue reading


The WordPress ┬ápost of the day for August 24, 2011: Have you been to where your parents were born? What was it like? If you haven’t been, describe how you imagine it to be. My mom was born in Pittsburgh, PA, as was my grandfather. My grandfather attended Carnegie Institute of Technology. Someone told me … Continue reading

Photo Post: Old

For this post-a-day photo post, I thought I’d share one of my favorite old photos. This photo shows my grandfather, Joe, with his first wife, my grandmother Norine. My grandmother died when I was 4. My grandfather died in 2005. This photo is one of my favorites because of the location. My grandparents are in … Continue reading

Thanksgiving In Pennsylvania

Happy Cyber Monday! Max, Jack, and I were all in Pittsburgh, PA for Thanksgiving, visiting Max’s parents. We had a lovely time! Well, for the most part. Jack was getting a little cranky at times, lack of sleep, lots of sugar, and all that noise. We arrived on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. We only had a … Continue reading