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We Live in New Hampshire Now

Sorry for the long hiatus. Moving cross-country is incredibly time consuming and difficult. But we’re all here – New Hampshire! By “all” I mean the four humans, two rabbits, and one cat. I also tried to bring 5 plants, but 2 didn’t survive the trip. One might be able to bounce back, but the other … Continue reading

Why New Hampshire? (And Why Not Pittsburgh?)

We’ve recently begun telling people – dentists, teachers, etc. – that we will be moving to New Hampshire this summer. The #1 question we get is: Why New Hampshire? As readers know, we’re moving to New Hampshire because the state of California believes it has the right to make medical decisions for children.* That is … Continue reading

California Bucket List

Last week, I created a California Bucket List – things to do before we leave California. I know you’re dying to know what’s on it, so without further ado: Lindsay Wildlife Museum after their renovations Bay Area Discovery Museum California Academy of Sciences  Charles M. Schulz Museum Exploratorium San Diego Zoo (and maybe the Oakland … Continue reading

We’ve Unpacked the Last Box

On July 20, we moved from Antioch to “Salem” (the name I’m using for the town in which we now live). The moving experience was slightly less horrendous than the one we had moving from New Hampshire to California back in 2004. This time around, the movers were three hours late, meaning they didn’t leave our … Continue reading

We Violated Rule Number 8

In June, The Diary of a Not-So-Angry Asian Adoptee posted a very informative piece that was shared everywhere I looked in the adoption community, An Adoptee’s Perspective: 15 Things Transracially Adoptive Parents Need to Know. I am totally on board with 14 of the 15 points – all of them except number 8: 8. If we … Continue reading

Off to BlogHer

I’ll be leaving for BlogHer momentarily. We moved from Antioch to “Salem” this past weekend. Are we settled in? Not even close. But when BlogHer registration happened, we didn’t know when we’d be moving. I’m not nearly as prepared for BlogHer as I’d like to be, but I do hope to meet some of the … Continue reading

We Found a Place! And Other Updates

Good morning! It’s so easy to sound cheerful on a Monday morning when I write these posts in advance at night. As the headline indicated, we found a place! We were getting very discouraged, having not gotten either of two houses we really loved that were within walking distance of our friends’ house. Last weekend, … Continue reading


I’ve been absent from the blog for awhile now. Part of the absence is due to the usual springtime madness. (I’ll post pictures, I promise.) However, a large part of it is due to the fact that major changes are in the works. The Biggest News We’re moving! We are physically moving out of Antioch. In … Continue reading