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Brilliant Because of His Birthmom?

JacksonĀ had the homework, “Practice math with zeros.” So, I wrote him a page of practice problems. The last problem was “0 – 1 =”. He got to the last problem, first read it as “1 take away 0 =”, but when I said, “No, look again,” he said: “How do you write the negative sign?” … Continue reading

Library Card and Other Stories

Today, Jackson got his very own library card. I thought you had to be 5 to get one. Turns out, you just have to be able to write your name. Jackson said, “I could have had one when I was four.” Still, he was very proud to check out his own books. This makes him … Continue reading

School: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We had Jack’s school conference last Thursday. It was by far the longest one we’ve had. Let’s start with the good news. The Good Jack is brilliant. Seriously. His teacher said he was very smart, we know he’s very smart, and he knows he’s very smart. He’s in Junior Kindergarten. He has been counting past … Continue reading