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Someone Is Wrong on the Internet

About 3 years ago, I was a member of practically ALL of the adoption groups on Facebook. Adoptive Families, Creating a Family, Heart for Open Adoption, Domestic Infant Support… you get the idea. I spent a lot of time in these groups. I made some friends. I also made a couple of enemies. That’s what … Continue reading

Family History: My Favorite Year

This week, I decided to write the Family History Tuesday post a little closer to Tuesday. This week’s prompt: What was your favorite school year ever? What about that year made school/education so good for you? Kindergarten was probably my favorite. I loved Kindergarten! I learned to read. I had a best friend (Dawn Lynn Workman). … Continue reading

Family History: Me as a Teen

(originally posted on LiveJournal) DeDe provides family history journaling prompts every Tuesday. I’m actually 3 prompts behind. But I’m going to journal them anyway, because I think they’re interesting. What do you remember about yourself as a teenager? What was important to you? What were your dreams? Ever since moving back to California, to a city that … Continue reading

Family History Tuesday: Education

Designz By DeDe has posted another Family History Tuesday question. (I’m kind of liking these.) What schools have you attended? What education have you received? Is there something you would like to study now? I went to Gregory Gardens kindergarten. It was a public school, and I loved it! I learned to read. Unfortunately, the school … Continue reading