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A Few Things… and a Bit of Advice Needed

(originally published on LiveJournal) We go to Disneyland in TWO DAYS! This makes me happy. Of course, there are a zillion tasks to do before we go, but that’s always the way. Somehow the iTunes Genius thinks that “Fall to Pieces” (Avril Lavigne) should be followed by “Out Tonight” from Rent (OCR). Anyway… My Aunt … Continue reading

Wii Fit

(originally posted on LiveJournal) Max bought a Wii Fit, probably about a month ago. The Wii Fit will not register Jack, because, even when he’s standing relatively still, it tells him he’s fidgeting. My Wii Fit age is 46. I’m 33. Almost 34. I couldn’t do two of the balance tests, because I couldn’t make … Continue reading