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Why in the World? and Other Blog Posts

Why in the World? and Other Blog Posts

I know I’ve done this a lot lately: direct you to other blogs. I have so many articles written in my head, but getting them typed out… that’s a different matter entirely. (59 days before we leave California.) The No Bohns About It post, Why in the World Does the Race or Ethnicity of a Foster Child … Continue reading

The Right Reason to Adopt?

I read the comments on blog posts. I shouldn’t, but I do. I read the following comment on a blog about the ethics of adoption fundraising: From my perspective, if the cost of domestic, international, or embryo adoption is too expensive for a family the obvious choice would be foster adoption. Maybe I’m just being … Continue reading

Adopt from Foster Care – It’s Free

Every time someone asks about the cost of private domestic or international adoption, every time someone posts a fundraiser or asks for tips on raising or saving money, there are at least two people who chime in with variations on this theme: Adopt from foster care – it’s free! Sometimes, the comments are cheery: We … Continue reading

Why We Didn’t Adopt from Foster Care

As I’ve said a few times recently, private adoption costs a lot. Foster adoption – adoption through the foster care system – is usually monetarily free, or at least very low cost. Adoptive parents in the domestic infant adoption (DIA) pool are often attacked for not adopting from foster care. We were asked a few … Continue reading

No, Adoption Shouldn’t Be a “Last Resort”

Within the adoption community, there are those who are not entirely anti-adoption, but who believe that adoption should be an option only as a last resort. The argument is that because adoption is born out of loss, and there is so much loss in adoption, that loss should be avoided at almost all cost. Perhaps … Continue reading