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Cassie is 10 Months Old!

Due to Soccer Drama last weekend, I’m very late on two important events that occurred Saturday, August 25th. The first was Jackson’s Adoption Day. The second was Cassie’s 10 month “birthday.” We had her wear her Pittsburgh Pirates outfit because it was just about to be too small, and the Pirates are actually doing well … Continue reading

County Fair 2012

On Friday, June 1, we all went to the County Fair. We go every year. It’s a wonderful way to start our summer! This year was very different. It was Cassie’s first time at the fair! Also, because Jackson’s school is on the fairgrounds, we arrived at 8:15, before anyone else was there. We had … Continue reading


Jack just sat up. All by himself. Unassisted. No parental or other external support. For more than one second. Indeed, for close to a minute. Long enough for me to notice, say, “You’re sitting. He’s sitting. He’s totally sitting. Without any help. Are you seeing this?!?” Max said, Yes, he was indeed seeing this. Such … Continue reading

The First Six Weeks of Motherhood

While I’ve been working on the adoption saga, I’ve also been typing up little bits and pieces of daily life. I’m going to share what I have here, and hopefully post on a more regular basis. This is my scheme to never have to write email again. (Jack doesn’t let me go online too much.) … Continue reading