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Cassie is 10 Months Old!

Due to Soccer Drama last weekend, I’m very late on two important events that occurred Saturday, August 25th. The first was Jackson’s Adoption Day. The second was Cassie’s 10 month “birthday.” We had her wear her Pittsburgh Pirates outfit because it was just about to be too small, and the Pirates are actually doing well … Continue reading

Nine Months

At 9 months, Jack is meeting pretty much all of the milestones listed in What to Expect the First Year. He’s figured out the “If I drop it, it still exists and Mommy and Daddy will pick it up for me” game. He does not crawl, but he does creep, schooch, and roll himself all … Continue reading

Pete & Nina and Jason & Paula

This is one of the better parts of our trip to the Northeast: Our weekend in NYC with Pete and Nina and Jason and Paula. Friday, October 13: I had a wonderful night’s sleep! Our hostess Trisha also set out breakfast items for us. Amazing! I was informed that Jack said a second word, “Daddy.” … Continue reading