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Pieces I’m Proud Of

I’m very excited about my latest piece for adoption.com: Red Flags Expectant Parents Should Watch for in Prospective Adoptive Parents Every major blog has probably posted the opposite piece: Red Flags Adoptive Parents Should Look for in Birthmothers. My piece came about because of a discussion in the Creating a Family Facebook group. The birthmothers … Continue reading

The Cost of Cassie’s Adoption

I just took the Adoptive Families magazine Cost & Timing of Adoption Survey. I already had all of our expenses in a spreadsheet, sorted by year, for our taxes. I just had to break them down into categories for the survey. I am sharing them here. Let me tell you why. I am not sharing … Continue reading

More Facilitator BS

For the record, I started this post on January 7. It matters because someone on the adoption.com forums just asked me about Rainbow’s End, a facilitator here in CA. When I took a look at their web site, I went straight to their “Birth Parents” section, and then clicked “Adoption Myths.” When I read it, … Continue reading

Why Facilitators Don’t Exist in Robyn’s Adoption Land

In my last post, I wrote that facilitators would not exist in Robyn’s Adoption Land. First, let’s explain what a facilitator is, and why it is not an agency. American Adoptions (an agency) defines “adoption facilitator” as an “unlicensed organizations or individuals offering adoption services, which is illegal in 20 states.” Adoption.com, an information site, … Continue reading

Robyn’s Adoption Land: Agencies

Within the United States, there are two main categories of adoption: Foster Adoption and Private Adoption. Basically, any adoption that isn’t through foster care is private. There are subcategories within private adoption: Stepparent Adoption, Agency Adoption, and Independent Adoption. Stepparent adoption is pretty self-explanatory. Similarly, agency adoption is adoption that is done through an adoption … Continue reading

I’m Ambivalent About Lil Snee & AdoptLink

We were matched with Cassie’s birthmother through Lil Snee’s facilitation service, AdoptLink. Lil maintains an Available Adoption Situations page, which I checked pretty much daily. I inquired about a situation in June 2011, but that one had more “birthmother expenses” than I was comfortable with. However, I did send Lil our home study, profile book, … Continue reading

Getting Oriented

This post was originally published on AdoptionBlogs.com on May 14, 2010. Republished here with permission. Tonight, my husband and I attended an orientation meeting by a local facilitator. We’re most likely going to sign with them in the very near future. Both of the presenters worked for the organization and were mothers through adoption. There … Continue reading