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I Want What My Cousins Had

Last night, I was in the shower thinking about a location for our family Christmas picture. I then remembered that I need to get a red velvet dress to match Cassie’s. From there, I thought about how much I love to have family photos in which we match, because my parents never did those. My … Continue reading

How Many Cousins Do You Have?

Next weekend, my cousin Jessica is getting married in Nashville. Two years ago, my cousin Jen got married in Rhode Island. Next year, another cousin (don’t know if it’s OK to announce which) is getting married in San Diego. Last Friday, we went to my cousin’s birthday party in Vacaville. All of this lead me … Continue reading

A Few Cousin Pictures

We were in New England for 10 days. My cousin Jen got married in Rhode Island, then we went up to New Hampshire. On the plane ride over, we started out with Max, my dad, Great-Grandma, Jack, and me. On our way into the airport, Jack remembered that we forgot his booster seat! We hadn’t … Continue reading

Family History Tuesday: Three Generations

(originally published on LiveJournal) This week’s question from¬†Designz by Dede¬†is: Name three generations of family members on your mother’s and father’s sides, starting with yourself and any memories/stories you have of them. My long-term memory is as good as my short-term memory is bad. Therefore, I have a lot of stories about distant and not-so-distant … Continue reading

Monday through Friday

I have to finish journaling this so I can write about NEW stuff. Monday, October 16: Not much happened this day. Max had to go to South Station to pick up the car. I made a lot of phone calls, trying to schedule seeing people. I ran errands, buying wedding presents and baby supplies. Jack … Continue reading