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County Fair 2013

I realized that I never posted our epic, mostly awesome County Fair 2013 experience. I’m not going to now. But I will post some pictures, largely because I want everyone to see how much my kids have grown in just one year. Advertisements


We brought Jackson to his first County Fair when he was 16 months old. I don’t even think we rode the rides. He just loved the livestock. Every year, the big draw has been the livestock area. The livestock area is all about 4-H. (Yeah, there are the Future Farmers of America too, but most … Continue reading

Robyn, Where Have You Been?

In March, I wrote 23 posts. So many, that at least 2 people complained that I had to slow down so they could catch up. Well, apparently, I did. I wrote only 15 posts in April and 10 in May. So, where have I been? It all really started in March. I volunteered to teach … Continue reading

County Fair 2012

On Friday, June 1, we all went to the County Fair. We go every year. It’s a wonderful way to start our summer! This year was very different. It was Cassie’s first time at the fair! Also, because Jackson’s school is on the fairgrounds, we arrived at 8:15, before anyone else was there. We had … Continue reading

County Fair 2011

Every year since Jack was just shy of 1-1/2, we’ve been to the County Fair. This year, we spent time with two sets of friends! It was also the first year that it almost rained. Yes, it’s California, in June, and it’s been raining. The last time I remember this happening was June 1993, the … Continue reading

County Fair IV

Every year, we go to the Contra Costa County Fair. I used to go to the County Fairs with my family (Mom, Dad, Sister), and I have some generally good memories from them. Last year, the fair was tainted by the fact that my mother’s funeral happened 2 days before it. But, for the first … Continue reading

The Fair 2008

Last year, Max, Jack, and I all went to the Contra Costa County Fair. This year, we all went back again. I prepared Jack for the trip a few weeks ago, by showing him the pictures from last year. Whenever we talked about the fair, he’d say, “We see goats, an’ cows, an’ pigs, an’ … Continue reading

The Fair

Tonight, we had the quintessential family experience: We went to the County Fair. Mostly, I thought that Jack would like the livestock. He loves cows, and is learning how to say the names and/or sounds of many farm animals. He now has: Moo, Cow, Baa, Goat, Hop Hop (bunnies), Cuck Cuck (chickens), and Pig. Getting … Continue reading