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A Bundle of Joy

On the road to Cassie’s adoption, we signed with many different referral services. A Bundle of Joy Adoption Referral was the last referral service with which we registered, in March 2011. Prior to that, BoJ wasn’t accepting applications for families who were gender specific. I was told that they did allow prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) … Continue reading


Nothing promising to report. We registered with Adoption Consultants Inc. to be shown when their contracted families don’t meet the expectant mothers’ needs. I contacted Adopt America 411 about a biracial girl due soon. I never heard back. I contacted Angel Adoptions about an African American girl due on July 31. I emailed them twice. … Continue reading

Help Me Decide What To Do Next!

Our story so far: We have signed up with 3 referral services (Hands to Hold, Heaven Sent, and Little Bit of Heaven) and one agency (One World, FL). We’ve been shown once with H2H, once with HS, and a few times with LBoH, but nothing yet. (Obviously.) I’m just about done revising and updating our … Continue reading