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53 Drafts: What Do You Want to Read About?

First, apologies to my followers, who just got spammed with several past posts. Every so often, I’m moving over content from my Live Journal. I had these laudable goals of doing one post per night or something, and ended up with several in draft form. I was going through my drafts, trying to figure out … Continue reading

Nice and Beautiful, Part Two

Last week, Don’t We Look Alike gave me the Beautiful Mama Blog Award. I was not having a good day… week, really. In fact, life is pretty darn stressful right now. So, when I got the award, I chose to just let it make me happy. I knew there were requirements to go along with … Continue reading

Nice and Beautiful

Don’t We Look Alike gave me an award:   Isn’t it pretty? It was created by Valerie of Atlanta Mom of Three. I’m just going to be happy about it for now, before I think about other beautiful mamas. Call me selfish, but it wasn’t a very good day today.  

Apologies to Subscribers and Followers

Some of y’all have opted to receive email every time I post something here. That’s awesome! But this weekend, I’m going to be moving some old posts over from my LiveJournal. I can’t find a way to stop WordPress from emailing you. I’m very sorry. I think the posts are worthwhile, which is why I’m … Continue reading

Robyn’s Adoption Land

On the heels of yesterday’s post, this month, I’d like to write about a lot of topics that I’ve had in mind for years now. Whenever I’ve been interviewed for the Open Adoption Blogger Interview project, I am asked about how I might change adoption. I’ve never been able to give a complete answer. Adoption … Continue reading

What’s In a Blog Name?

I started “blogging,” if you can call it that, on LiveJournal in 2005. I still think of it as an online journal, more than a blog, and it was named “Redhead’s Reflections and Ramblings.” I think I started this blog in 2008, after I bought my brand new shiny MacBook Pro. LiveJournal and Safari didn’t … Continue reading

My Favorite Adoption-Related Posts of 2012

The Open Adoption Bloggers created a list of the Best Adoption-Related Posts of 2012. So, yesterday and today, I’m posting my favorite adoption-related blog posts of 2012. These are my favorite posts from other bloggers. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are my most favorite posts. You’re So Normal! ~ They’re All My Own * I … Continue reading

My Best Adoption-Related Blog Posts of 2012

The Open Adoption Bloggers created a list of the Best Adoption-Related Posts of 2012. So, today and tomorrow, I’m posting my favorite adoption-related blog posts of 2012, starting with my own. Jackson, On Telling Children They Were Adopted: My personal favorite. Adoption Should Be Tax-Deductible “Let’s cut through all of the confusion: All adoption-related expenses … Continue reading

Bloggy New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! I don’t make new year’s resolutions in real life. Yes, I need to lost at least 30 pounds, but that’s not gonna happen. I need to deep clean my house, but I don’t see that happening either. I could also probably benefit from couponing and meal-planning, but… you guessed it… not gonna … Continue reading

2012 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. And still, the most popular search term is “Messy House”. *sigh* On the bright side, my third most popular post was about Our Awful Experience with ANLC, so hopefully people will be learning to stay away from them. I posted about two … Continue reading